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What are the tips that will help you in operating a smooth dairy business?


Planning to open a milk plant business? Then make sure you are contacting the best dairy equipment manufacturer that will provide you high-quality dairy machines for your business. In this blog, we will tell you why getting in touch with NK dairy equipment manufacturers is beneficial for your business.

Services provide by us:

  • Production support
  • Marketing support
  • After-sales service & maintenance
  • Training during installation and commissioning
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Consumables

What are the top tips that will help you in setting up a dairy processing plant?

  • Quantity of milk

Before setting up the business, you should be aware of the quantity of milk you need to process per day. Through this, you will not waste milk daily.

  • Processing hours

You should plan process hours that will help you in running a smooth business.

  • Solution

From the concept of commissioning, you should select a vendor for the total solution.

  • Site selection

Do not forget to check the availability of milk, water, power availability, proximity to the market, and disposal of waste.

  • Consider the equipment layout

Before the construction of a civil structure, you should consider all the aspects of equipment layout.

  • Future expansion

While planning about power load & utilities, the business owner should also think about the expansion of the business. If you will not plan according to that, then there are chances you might experience difficulty in expanding the business.

  • Power- backup

Never forget to install a power backup. It will help you in operating the business with ease.

  • Contact architect and dairy engineer

You should conduct a meeting with an architect as well as with a dairy engineer. They will help you in setting up your dairy equipment with ease.

  • Cooling of raw milk

You should keep your milk cool down as it will decrease the risk of growing natural bacteria in the milk. But make sure you are keeping your milk for cooling as early as possible. Do not let your milk wait for two to three hours.

  • Ventilation

In the milk plant, you should ensure that proper ventilation is taking place. It will help you in keeping your surroundings free from any kind of smell.

  • Drainage facility

Make sure you are having a drainage facility. There should not be any stagnation in drains.

  • Appoint technical & experienced staff

You should hire knowledgeable as well as experienced professionals who know how to use the latest technology with ease. They should support you in earning profits because teamwork plays a crucial role in the growth of the business.

  • Optimization

Capacity optimization is important. It will tell you whether you will be able to get the best end product or increase operational cost.

  • Setting up a lab

You should set up a lab where you can manage the quality of raw material as well as the end product.

  • Selection of source

Source selection plays a vital role in providing the best quality of dairy products to the customers.



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