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Some Myths About Dairy Farming Debunked

Milk is considered as the most essential food item as it is full of nutrients that are essential for the body and teeth. This is the reason, the dairy business is on the rise. But at times, it is seen that many myths are linked with dairy farming which creates a lot of confusion. Read the given topic to learn more.

There are a great deal of myths created by people about milk and how it is made. Well, if you look back then you will find that in the past years all the dairy farmers milk the cows manually. But these days, all the dairy tasks are done with the help of dairy machinery. There are certain types of machines such as milk pasteurization machines, milking machines, cheese and butter making, and so on. These all the dairy machines are beneficial to offer you the best quality milk so that you can live healthy.

However, still, certain people create rumors and myths about milk and how it is made.

Let’s have a look at myths about milk.

Myth-: Pasteurization destroys the nutrients that are present in milk.

Studies demonstrate that pasteurization doesn’t altogether destroy the nutrition benefit of milk. In addition to this, this technique is also useful to kill and remove the harmful bacteria from the milk. You may not know that milk contains almost 9-10 types of nutrients-:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Proteins

So, this is a complete myth that purification kills the nutrients in the milk. This is beneficial for your health and skin as well.

Myth-: It is vicious to separate calves from their mothers.

Well, it is true that when calves are born they need protection from their mother’s side. But, we cannot deny the truth that calves get infected from each other, that’s why farmers put them in individual pens. Whereas, this is a completely a myth that it is vicious to separate calves from their mothers.

Myth-: Dairy farms are dangerous for the environment.

Millions of dairy farmers live on their farms with their families. In this case, they use a large amount of water and other natural resources that are dangerous for the environment. Well, this is not true, because there are so many dairy farmers who reuse waste as fertilizer and transform waste materials into electricity and fertilizers as well.

Myth-: Milk is a completely antibiotic.

Well, this is a complete myth that milk is an antibiotic due to sick cows. However, these cows are completely separated from the other healthy cows. So, there is no chance of antibiotic milk, you can simply drink the milk.

These all the myths about milk and how it is made, so you do not trust them.