Dairy Information

Tips For Dairy Farmers To Improve Cow Milk Production

Dairy framing is not an easy task, you have to give extra effort and care to your cattle. Here in this topic we are going to give you some tips in order to increase the production of cow milk.

Give Them Proper Nutrition On Time

You should give proper nutrition to your cows in order to increase the production of milk. You should also consult with experts because they have more experience and skills.

Here are some tips for dry cows include:

  • Avoiding feeding unnecessarily
  • Maintain a dry matter intake
  • Maximizing comfort
  • Preventing BCS gain
  • Addressing hoof health

Maximize Feed Intake Immediately After Calving

It is necessary to maximize the feed intake of cows immediately after calving because of some reasons. You should below mentioned instructions with the goal to increase the milk production.

  • You must provide them feed bunks in good condition and also keep them fresh, clean, and hygienic.
  • It is necessary to provide them almost 10 pounds of grass hay.
  • You should provide them 15 gallons of warm water after calving.

Reduce The Risk Of Subclinical Milk Fever

This is your responsibility to reduce the risk of subclinical milk fever which is additionally known as low blood calcium. you must keep some things in your mind if you are milking cows with the help of milking machine. Moreover, low blood calcium is associated with below-mentioned factors-:

  • Delayed uterine involution
  • Ketosis
  • Metritis
  • Higher somatic cell count
  • And reduced milk Yield.

Maintain Your Dairy Machines Well

It is mandatory to maintain your dairy machinery ineffective manner. Sometimes, unhygienic machines can cause infection, due to which cattle are unable to produce healthy milk. So, in order to increase the production and improve the quality of milk, you need to clean the milking parlors daily two times a day.

Maximize The Cow Comfort

If you are unable to do this, then hire a person who has experience in dairy farming. So that you can learn ways to increase milk production and how to maximize the comfort level of a cow. Moreover, it is necessary to keep cows in fresh cow group so that, they can learn to feel comfortable with any person and animal also.

Feed Correct Amounts Of Antioxidants

You should call to veterinary doctor in order to check your cow. And you should only feed them the correct amount of antioxidants with the prescription of a veterinary doctor. Expert’s advice matters a lot in order to keep them healthy and increase the production of milk.