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Proper Way to Milk A Cow With Machine

In the past years, dairy farmers usually milk the cow with hands but these days this is done by milking machines. Here, in this content, we are going to guide you on how to milk the cow and buffaloes in the proper way with milking parlour, dairy equipment, and machines.

In this modern era, the majority of farmers use advanced technology in order to milk the cattle. Due to milking machines, they are able to milk the cows easily. But in the previous years, farmers did all the dairy works with their hands. Which actually took more time and effort, whereas these days dairy machinery is useful to save time and effort as well.

If you are not aware of these machines you just meet us once and we will guide you about the milking parlour. Because we know the best techniques and proper way to milk a cow without much effort. Moreover, don’t rush to buy a milking machine or dairy machinery because the shape and size of these advanced techniques vary according to the size of the dairy farm.

How to Milk a Cow by Milking machine?

There are several ways to milk a cow with the help of a milking machine.

Check the milking machine prior to use

This is necessary to check your requirements and needs before buying the milking machine. You should only go with those machines which are durable and give you the long term benefits. After buying the machine, you need to check it prior to use. In addition to this, the milking machine requires proper maintenance and care as well. If you want to use it for a long time then it is necessary to maintain it properly.

Gently clean the udders and teats of the cow.

This is mandatory to clean the udder and teats of cows similarly as previous times. It means similarly as those persons who milk the cow with hands. This is necessary for quality milk and you can able to secure the milk of cows from the infections and germs.

Here are some other tips to milk the cow with machines.

Turn On The Machine

After cleaning you must turn on the machine for the milking process. You just check the pressure first before milking the cow.

Fix The Machine At Cow Teats

You should fix the machine at cow teats for the milking process. And start the machine for milking. You should also leave the machine for 5 minutes until the udder is full.

Turn off The Machine

After the milking process, it is necessary to turn off the machine. And then again clean the teats of cows in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Transfer The Milk Into Storage Units.

You should transfer the milk into storage units for the delivery process.