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Reasons Why Your Diet Must Include Milk And Milk Products

Milk is a staple food and it must be included in the diet. This is because milk contains various nutrients that are essential for the body. The importance of milk is so much so that for the first months after birth, the child is only fed on milk.

Why Include Milk And Milk Products In Diet?

  1. Tasty products: there is no denying the fact that milk-made products are extremely delectable. Ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt are among the few to name. Milk is a product which can be molded in any taste and form to give a sumptuous and mouthwatering taste. Whether it is summer or winter, the milk can be altered to yield a taste of the person’s choice. There are a host of flavors to choose from ranging from vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, and chocolate and they can be added to both hold and cold milk.
  2. Nutritional value: milk is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains nine essential nutrients namely calcium, potassium, phosphorous, high-quality protein, vitamins A, D, and B12, riboflavin, and niacin.
  3. Benefits to health: milk is a powerhouse for the body. So are the milk products. Milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt are responsible for maintaining strong bones. They are also crucial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 Diabetes substantially. They also keep the blood pressure and obesity under control.
  4. Economic independence: the milk industry is an ever-growing industry that employs not a few but quite a big number of people. Thousands and millions of people are raising their income from the milk industry that can include animal breeders to large milk refining industries. There is a revolution in the milk industry with machines and equipment for producing so many items from milk such as cheese, ice cream, yogurt. There are also khoya making machines for producing khoya which is used for making sweets.
  5. Versatile: the best part about dairy products is that they can be combined with any product at any time of the day irrespective of the food one is consuming. It is the most versatile product that can be altered as per the season and meal to add as a complimentary drink or food.
  6. Safety: pasteurized milk and milk products are among the safest products for consumption and it is widely available everywhere making it easy to procure and consume.

Overall, milk is a power and energy booster for body enriched with vital nutrients required for a healthy body.