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New Tech That Can Make Your Farm More Productive

Technology and innovation have not left any sphere of the world untouched, the same is the case with the dairy industry. There have been remarkable improvements and upgrading in the field of dairy industry that has revolutionized its entire structure and way of functioning. Employing even more new technologies can further improve the working of the dairy farm making it more yielding.

New technologies for the farm

There is various new dairy equipment and technologies that can help improve the productivity of the farm:

  1. Fitness tracker: it may sound astonishing but the fitness trackers that were once a thing for humans are now available for the cows too. These are tied on the neck of the cows and it helps to keep a record of the health of the cow, the number of steps it covers in a day as well as the habits of the cow. This entire information is sent to a connected device and can be read by the owner whenever it is possible. These records are easily beneficial in knowing any illnesses that the cow may be suffering from and discussing the same with the veterinary doctor, knowing about the pregnancy of the cow and raising the milk productivity of the cow. This can be availed from any dairy equipment supplier.
  2. Drones: drones are useful for farms too. They can help in keeping a check on the herd when it goes for grazing, the water and moisture supply of the farms can be evaluated, the farms can be protected from thieves, and detecting any areas of the farm that need repair. The best part is while observing the farm with naked eyes and human observation, the farm owner may miss out something. But, by sitting on the chair, he can observe his farm thoroughly.
  3. Backscratching brushes for cows: the cows have the same tendency just like humans in this regard. They love it when their backs are scratched and they feel pampered too. Although it is a simple device, it can make the cows happy and improve their blood circulation.
  4. Knowing the cows: there is a facial recognition device that helps to identify the feelings of the cow and changes in their behavior. This helps to know whether there is any change in the behavior of the cow and whether she is taking her feed properly or not.

All in all, the use of technology in farms raises the happiness of animals and ultimately helps the dairy owner to make the most out of his farm.