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Reasons Why Yogurt Is Essential In Your Everyday Diet

There won’t be anyone worldwide who would not have the taste of yogurt. A fresh bowl of whipped yogurt is everyone’s favorite. This marvel product can be made all the tastier by adding to it, chopped fruits, or onions or tomatoes, capsicum. You name any vegetable and it can be added to yogurt. Many people like to have a smoothie made out of it, some like to have it as a breakfast cereal.

No doubt all of us love to have it in any form, but many of us are still not aware of the amazing health benefits it provides us with. It is made out of milk, hence is fortified with enormous nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, Vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and many other things.

The best way to have curd or dahi is homemade dahi. It is very simple to make it in the dahi making machine. In case you do not have any dahi making a machine, till now, you can get it from NK dairy.

Some unbelievable benefits of curd:

Excellent for bones :

One cup of yogurt has about 300 mg of Calcium. Having yogurt daily will surely help in keeping bones strong. It has very less percentage of fat in it. Thus your weight is also kept in balance.

Keeps vaginal infections at bay :

Homemade yogurt or dahi is especially great for keeping vaginal infections at bay. They discourage the growth of yeast being formed. There are a bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilus in yogurt which helps in balancing the growth of infections in the body, hence the yeast is killed by forming hydrogen peroxide.

Great for ingestion :

The curd is considered to be a great probiotic. These are beneficial bacteria, which are known to enhance the movement of the gut. They also help in reliving the inflamed digestive systems and also treat troubled stomach.

Helps in lowering high blood pressure :

A study has proven that people who regularly ate more of on- fat yogurt were less likely to have high blood pressure. The special proteins in yogurt mixed with other nutrients like potassium and magnesium drastically help in lowering down high blood pressure.

Have a gorgeous looking skin:

The Curd is very good for moisturizing the skin. Helps in healing dry skin in the most natural way. Many people have problems of acne, which is because of gastrointestinal problems. Curd greatly helps in keeping the gut happy, which in turn leads to a gorgeous looking you. Many companies use yogurt as the main ingredient in face packs because yogurt has lactic acid present in them. It also helps in clearing  dead cells and keep blemishes away

So now, since you know so many good benefits of having curd, do make it a point to have it every day, without fail.