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Which equipment can help you to bring about energy efficiency in your dairy farm?

The farmers have experienced energy savings of up to 60% with the installation of the following:

  • Speed milk
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Heat recovery systems

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Usually, the dairy farms are responsible for carrying out the following works:

Cooling milk

Carrying out the milk processes

So in today’s article, we shall be discussing the energy-efficient milking systems

  • Variable speed vacuum pumps

The traditional vacuum pumps used to operate at standard speeds. But that should not be happening as the speed requirements keep on getting changed. The predominant advantage of using the variable speed drivers is that considerably insignificant energy is being provided to the motor which leads to the reduction of the operation speed.

The production of the necessary amounts of airflow can help to reduce the costs. Not only is it beneficial from the energy effective point of view. It is rather similarly advantageous as far as the noise level is concerned.

  • Milk cooling

The highest cost is incurred on cooling the milk. This is the costliest process. It is because the temperature of the milk has to be reduced to three degrees. (The temperature of the heated milk is 35 to 37 degrees). Fowling is some of the options by which we can cool the milk through the following:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Variable Speed milk pumps
  • Heat exchangers

The mechanism of these heat exchangers is to transfer the heat to the water which is considered as the intermediary cooling fluid. Installation of the heat exchangers can also help to make your milking system as efficient as it could be.

  • Variable speed milk pumps

The pumping of the plate coolers at a constant speed can be maintained through the milk pumps. These help in the efficient installation of the system which can provide greater milk cooling. Not only this, but the one more impressive benefit behind this is the reduction in the energy in the demand for the energy.

  • Heat Recovery Units

As we know the process of cooling milk, the heat is supposed to get rejected from the refrigeration system which involves the condenser coil. Its recovery is possible if the hot refrigeration gets immersed in the water. This technique can also help to achieve a water temperature of more than 50 degrees.

Which tips are recommended for energy saving on dairy farms?

Following are some of the helpful and the beneficial top by which you can save a quintessential amount of energy:

  • The usage is recorded at the various intervals
  • If possible, then try to switch to the better tariffs
  • Try to use the cheap electricity for eight hours and that particularly for water heating purposes.
  • The loss of heat can be minimised to the significant extents by insulating the water heaters and the pipeworks.

Bottom Line

You can not do everything on your own. Try to make your staff understand how important it is to carry out energy-efficient techniques.

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