khoya making machine

Making Khoya Mawa & Rabadi Using Excellent Machines

NK Dairy Equipment is an expert in making different milking machines as well as related dairy machines. The main manufacturers and distributors of dairy machines have improved the standard of the milk industry by providing unique and quality machines that are durable.

The machines are manufactured with different specifications and sizes, mostly according to the client’s needs. Among the machines we have the Khoya Mawa making machine, which is excellent at making Khoya Mawa, a favourite Indian sweet.

Specifically designed to make Khoya Mawa, the machine can be a substitute in case you want to make other sweets.

Specifications of Khoya Mawa Making Machine

  • The machine’s quality- Stainless steel
  • Weight- Approx 135kg
  • Maximum milk boiling capacity- 60 litres 21 minutes
  • Converting milk into Khoya Mawa 10 litres in 21 minutes
  • The main motor- 1 H.P
  • Electrical Load of Blowers ¼ H.P
  • Fuel used- Diesel or Kerosene.

Our Khoya Making Machine is a multipurpose machine and can be used for the following activities

  • Concentration of different fruits
  • Roasting of fruits, and any other ingredient
  • Making chocolate mix
  • Making tomato paste and any other sauce
  • Condensing milk for ice cream
  • Preparation of Kunda, besan laddu, and khoa burfi

Likewise, NK Dairy Equipment is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Rabadi Making Machine. The machine that is designed to give the best taste to your Rabadi sweet dish is presented in different sizes and at a friendly rate.

The machine is made from high-quality and upper grade stainless steel and it is completely durable. Providing the top color mixer with more friendly specifications is seen as an excellent way of reducing workload. You will get better results using our super quality machines since we are professionals in this field.

Specifications of our Rabadi making machine

  • High-quality machine
  • Durable
  • 150 Kg per batch
  • Approx 3040cm
  • Best results
  • User friendly

Why you should trust NK Dairy Equipment for all your dairy requirements

Having formed an enviable foundation, NK dairy equipment has continued to manufacture and supply standard milking machines and equipments as per the consumer requirement.

  • We have different stores for proper distribution of the equipment that have a warranty. Our equipments are highly used in the food processing industry and as well as in the milk industry.
  • We provide automatic and manpower machines than are efficiently used. Our machines use different power sources like diesel, electricity, gas and kerosene.
  • We completely provide user information before we dispatch the machines to the final destination.
  • With our expertise, you are assured of long lasting machines with less maintenance costs.