cream separator

How Cream Separators Are Necessary Today

With the growing milk industry, we have witnessed many things come to pass. The introduction of advanced dairy machinery has seen milk farmers dance to the best tunes ever. The machines have lessened the workload, hence attaining more from the activities.

What is a Cream Separator?

In the past, milk farmers used to milk their cows normally 2 or 5 cows in the morning. They could use manual labour or cans to separate the cream from the milk. This process was easier with those who had a few cows, but for those who had many, the milk had to be taken somewhere else to separate the cream from the milk. It could cost someone a lot of money one month to another.

Therefore, a cream separator is a machine or device that extracts cream from fresh/whole milk which results into skimmed milk.

The current studies show how cream separators are widely purchased by both dairy farmers and milk plants. The same machines are also required in factories, mostly associated with milk drinks and products.

The current market is promising due to the fact that there are different consumer preferences that have to be met by the dairy industry. There is high demand for skimmed milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and much more that require separating cream from milk.

Advantages of Cream Separators today

Applying Centrifugal force is one of the best ways of separating cream from milk. The procedure that is currently used by big farms and milk plants is ideal in a unique way due to the fact that less than 1% of the cream is left behind.

The cream separators are in different models and types, but the advanced electric cream separators offer the following benefits

  • Remove Tuberculosis germs
  • Quality milk
  • Remove odours from the milk
  • Provides better cream
  • Purifies the milk
  • Improves aeration
  • Reduces workload
  • Effective from every angle
  • Fast
  • Improve the milk standards

The modern cream separators use a centrifugal force which is fast and effective. The electric cream separator consists of a frame where the rotor is located. The frame also harbors an electrical drive and with a mere press of the button, the milk will be centrifuged to separate the cream from the milk.

This process allows more litres of milk to be centrifuged on a daily basis. An electric cream separator can also be used at home for a number of spinning purposes.

However, also manual or semi-automatic cream separators can be purchased to help at the farm. Usually, depending on the usage and the amount of milk collected in a day, the cream separators are available in various sizes and models.

The cream separator market serves a large market and has helped many farms separate milk for different purposes. Cream separators are manufactured and supplied by NK Dairy Equipment at an affordable rate. They are normally in stainless steel, highly robust plastic and aluminium alloys.