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How is it possible to earn Rs 3 Lakh per month through dairy farming?

Are you planning to start a new business? But, getting confused which one should you go for? One business sector which is slowly gaining demand is the dairy plant. You might not know that with dairy farming you can earn Rs 3 Lakh every month. Do you want to know, ‘How? Let’s talk you through how opening up a dairy farm or milk plant is lucrative.

The dairy business has gained attention worldwide

Almost the entire dairy production which is produced in India is consumed by the Indians only. There is no doubt that animal husbandry is one of the most demanding and lucrative businesses in India & even in the entire world. One of the studies has shown that if a business owner does dairy farming with dedication and understanding then they can earn as compared to the farming. Moreover, the milking machine price in India starts from Rs 20,000. Depending on what you need for your business, you can choose the best option. Nk dairy is the host for many clients to get the best dairy machinery and equipment.

Plan your dairy business and get the ultimate success

There are many inspiring stories of the individuals who started with their own dairy business. Many have shared their experience which clearly states that they started with merely 5 cows and then slowly it extended to 80 animals which included 35 milkers.

Slowly, their milk production increased which they did not expect and this helped them to gain ultimate benefits. Moreover, this is the reason, they got more profits as compared to their initial years of when they started the business.

How can you earn millions by selling milk?

Management of cattle

For the dairy business, the management of cattle and cows is extremely important. Doing so will help you to earn more profits than you can think of. The cows must be kept in a separate area. To protect them from harsh weather conditions like the cold, you can put sacks of jute on the house windows. Doing so will allow you to keep all the animals in different weather conditions, temperatures, and climate.

Proper balance in quantity

The animals should be fed in a balanced amount so that the production keeps on going the way you think. Here are one tips that you can use:

You should give your cattle 50 grams of mineral salts & 30 grams of salt while feeding them. Doing so will keep their health right.

Proper diet and freshwater

During cold weather, the animals are more prone to facing health issues. During winters, it is important to feed them with jaggery and mustard oil. Also, the animals must be given clean water to drink. One another advice is to:

Make sure to vaccinate them from time to time as suggested by the vet. This is what is going to make the cattle healthy and the food production will increase.

Are you ready to take on the dairy farming business?

Keep these things in mind and you see the success you want.

Good Luck!

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