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Why is grooming brush important for the cows? Do they enjoy the process?

To run a dairy business, a lot of responsibilities are there on the shoulders of the dairy farmer. From making sure the workflow is right to ensuring the cow’s health is stable, there are endless things that need to be done by them. It is essential to make sure the cows are comfortable and their health is right at all costs. Cow grooming brush is one of the best options for itchy cows.

Why is it important to groom the cows?
A cow grooming brush is one of the best options to fulfill all the needs of the cattle. It is important to follow that to protect their health and keep them in a hygienic condition. Like we groom ourselves daily, the same needs to be done for cows. Grooming the cows daily will keep the coat clean and shiny. This way, the germs, and parasites are reduced. Moreover, it will reduce their stress and they will bond with other cows easily.

What are the features of a cow grooming brush?
Presently, the dairy industry is making use of the automated system. The dairy farm owners are using the cow grooming brush. The cow grooming brush has automated functioning which makes it easier to use them. Here’s how it work:
• The grooming brush has a soft bristle brush on the roller which rotates at a normal speed. The brush has a high-quality motor attached to it along with torque.
• Due to its flexibility, it can be tilted easily depending on the cow’s need.
• The grooming brush is constructed with strong material and no matter how the cows use it, it won’t break.
• It does not produce noise and the brush can rotate in different directions.
• The brush bristles are made of soft nylon which does not irritate the cow’s skin. It is easy to store due to its flexibility.

Do cows enjoy groping brush?
The grooming brush has soft bristles which makes it attractive. Due to easy rotation in any direction, the cows can scratch themselves in those areas where they cannot reach on their own.

How much time do cows spend on grooming brushes?
On average, the cow’s brush takes 8 to 10 minutes, on the back and neck. Studies have shown that grooming brush is important to keep their health right and stable. Moreover, the cows who have regular brushing can pull more heavyweights as compared to those who cannot.

Do cow grooming brushes increase enrichment?
A cow’s social and physical environment must be right. If you give your cows the right kind of environment they will function better. With the regular grooming brushing, all their needs are taken care of and the chances of destructive & abnormal behavior are less. In case, your cow is extremely stressed, then milk production will get less and they will be lazy all the time.

Can it reduce the chances of diseases?
You might not know this but, cow grooming brush reduces the chances of deadly diseases like mastitis. Moreover, the one who uses the brush has a 30% reduced level of disease as compared to those who do not get it. During the summer month, it will keep them cool as unwanted debris is taken away. So, it is important to make the most out of it.

Invest in quality and economical cow grooming brush
It is clear that investing in this option is worth every penny and it will make your cow’s life comfortable. You need to invest in this tool and benefit their lives & make your business successful. Once you get these, it will make you understand why you need them for your cows at the dairy farm.

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