Milk Processing

Important steps to Increase Production of Milk in Dairy farm

Dairy farming is growing, due to increased demand for milk & dairy products. But many dairy farm owners are unable to produce more amount of milk so that they can fulfill the needs of people. Read the article, because we have shared the steps to increase the production of milk.

The demand for milk and dairy products is increasing day by day, not only in India but across the world. Increasing milk production is very important for improving dairy farm profitability. But many dairy farmers are struggling to grow their business as well as milk production. No doubt they perform the tasks with the help of dairy machinery and other machines but they are still in stress. If you are a small dairy farm owner, then you need to know what can help to increase the production of milk.

Important factors to increase the Profits of dairy farming


  • Amount of Milk


The most essential factor is to increase the milk amount. Once the milk production is maximized it lessen the burden to cover the fixed costs like heating and use of electricity.


  • Sales price


The total price depends on the market and how the market is growing. There are some levels in which you can high profits. One of the factors is to increase the quality of milk so that the risks of germs and bacteria is decreased. Another factor is milk composition which includes fats and proteins.


  • Proper use of resources


Increasing milk production is dependent on the intake of dairy products. Once you consider the initial cost you can easily get the high returns.


  • Controlling the maintenance cost


There is some cost which is directly proportional to the total number of dairy animals present. Increasing the productivity per cow will make the return on investment much better and increase production in your milk processing plant.

Steps to increase milk production

In the dairy plant, herd management and other factors can directly impact the milk produced per cow every day. Here, the regular audit should be implemented as it will help to determine which area needs improvement.

  • Health issues

Dairy animals encounter various health diseases which affect their digestion and can lead to a problem in eating behaviors.

  • Managing the Reproductive problem

If the reproductive functioning is poor then the calving interval will increase and also the length of lactation. With low reproductive performance, the diet will not be properly utilized.

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