Milk Processing

Importance of Milk Processing in Dairy Farms

Dairy farming is becoming more and more popular not only in India but across the world. So, if you are planning to establish a dairy farm business, then you have to learn certain things about this business. You will get the proper information on the given topic about dairy farming and milk processing.

Milk is the most important beverage which obtains from different animals across the world. Almost everyone consumes it in the world because it contains so many healthy nutrients. Additionally, there are different types of milk available in the market which depends on the milk fat quantity.

There are several animals which produce milk such as-:

  • Cow
  • Goats
  • Reindeer
  • Buffalo

Most cows are milked twice a day while different animals milk 3 or 4 times a day. In addition, many dairy farms now use a milk processing machine that must maintain the quality of management and the business too.

So, if you are planning to establish a new dairy business, then you have to go with a quality milk processing plant, which will give you quality milk.

It is necessary to examine that the milk meets the temperature, odor, total acidity, taste, tanker cleanliness, and antibiotic deficiency requirements when it arrives at milk processing facilities. This raw milk is also tested for butterfat and solids-not-fat content.

The amount of solids-not-fat and butterfat in the milk will differ and depends on the several factors such as-:

  • The time of year
  • The quality of feed
  • The type of cow.

Solids-not-fat material, butterfat, and number are used to figure out how much money the dairy farmer has paid.

The main aim of the milk processing unit is to process the milk. All the raw is processed by a milk processing unit within 72 hours of obtaining. No doubt, milk is a very nutritious drink, but it also contains a range of bacteria. If you do not store it properly, bacteria will surely spoil it.

Working of the milk processing unit

There are several steps of working of milk processing unit such as-:

  • Pasteurization
  • Homogenization
  • Packaging and delivery

These are explained below-:


In this process, the milk is heated at a very high temperature to kill the harmful bacteria from the milk, so that it cannot spoil the milk.


Homogenization is the next step, in which fat content is removed from the milk. This is a too necessary step, which is additionally known as separation.


Then packaging is done by machines according to the types of milk. After packaging the milk packets are loaded to the container for the delivery purpose to other places.

So, these are the steps of working of the milk processing units, which dairy farmers need to be understood before starting a business.