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Ghee or Oil Which is better for body?

One of the staple parts of the Indian cuisine is the addition of ghee. Some people prefer to use refined oil. But, how do you know which option is best among both these options? In this guide, we will share the difference between ghee and oil, so that you can choose which one is best for your health.


Ghee is the traditional form of clarified butter and it is a source of fat which is found in the Indian kitchen for cooking meals in winters. But, now as people are more focused on their health so they cut down the ghee consumption. To do so, they prefer the option of refined oils in the kitchen.

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Is refined oil beneficial?

Refined oil is obtained by treating natural oils with different chemicals and this makes the oil unhealthy for consumption. Chemicals that are used in the refinement process will leave adverse effects on health like the liver, respiratory system, and skin. Moreover, it is also linked to other health problems like diabetes, cancer, kidney, and stroke problems.

On the other hand, ghee is beneficial for health and it provides strength, vitality, and vigor to the body. Given below are some of the health benefits of ghee:

  • Ghee is loaded with conjugated linoleic acid which is omega-6 fatty acid type. It is extremely beneficial as it helps to burn the fat and keep your weight normal.
  • Ghee is loaded with essential fat and MFA in high amounts which helps to keep the cholesterol level in the right place by reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol level.

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  • Ghee includes fatty acid in medium-chain and they are processed and absorbed by the liver and burned which takes the form of energy. If you are an athlete, then the consumption of ghee is highly beneficial. It also helps you live an active life or someone who might feel lethargic all day long.
  • Ghee is loaded with Vitamin E & D, butyric acid, and detoxification properties which helps to increase the T-cell production. This is great for balancing the hormones and keeping the metabolism strong. By doing so, this will help your body to stay strong.
  • Ghee is great for digestion purposes and it decreases inflammation. It helps you stay healthy and keeps the digestive tract in the right order.
  • Ghee contains high levels of Vitamin K2 and it helps to absorb calcium which promotes strong bones and teeth.

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