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Festive season is the best time to get hold of khoya making (mawa business)

Diwali is just around the corner!

One of the most loved and my favorite festivals. The upbeat and sparkling atmosphere it creates gets even better when we have our favorite sweets. It might be possible you are traveling to your home to celebrate it with your family or planning a trip with your family. No matter what you choose, you should be in high spirits to keep that festive cheer. Now! Talking about the dairy business owner, it is the best time for them to uplight their business. It is because of the main part of making sweets: Khoya production. What’s better than having a khoya-making machine at your Milk Processing Plant and making those delectable sweets that are worth every bite. If you wish to set up your Ghee Plant, khoya making business, or any other dairy business then make sure that you get the best of dairy machinery and equipment from NK Dairy.

Superior-quality Khoya making (Mawa Making)

If we talk about khoya then it’s simply the reduced milk. The process of doing it takes a lot of skills so that it does not get wasted. For a well-known halwai, it is of utmost importance that they use the super quality khoya to make those delectable Indian sweets that are the star of the Diwali season. Khoya is made for cow or water buffalo milk. The production of khoya in India is around 6 lakh tonnes.

Taking measures to stop the khoya adulteration

One of the problems is that increasing khoya demand leads to adulteration in the entire process. This is where FDA (Food And Drug Administration) started taking certain measures which ensure the best-quality khoya is prepared and free from any sort of impurities. It’s the process and the use of advanced machinery which increases the khoya shelf-life and its taste. To stop this practice of adulteration, FDA is taking the best of measures to have better control over the entire situation. Doing so will make sure the customer and the khoya-making business are not at any loss & the final product made is without any adulteration.

How to check whether khoya is adulterated or not?

You know you must check whether khoya is adulterated or not. Here’s how you can do that:

  • One of the studies has shown that when you boil khoya in water and let it cool down. After that, you should add a drop of iodine to it. If it gives a bluish tinge then it has starch in it.

  • Another way is to take a pinch of khoya and mash it with your fingers. When you taste it, if it is sweet then it has some sort of artificial sweetener in it.

Changing the dairy business for better results

The Nk Dairy team is of the view that the dairy business owner should get the best quality machinery and equipment to boost their business productivity which leads to better outcomes. If you are planning to start your dairy business be it khoya making, curd making, ghee making, or any other dairy product, we have the best machinery for you.

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