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Everything about different types of ghee making machines in India

Different dairy products can be made with the latest machinery. Ideally, ghee is the staple of Indian food which makes it taste even better. Fortunately, there are different types of ghee making machines in India which make the ghee production increase and the final product is also of the best quality at ghee plant.


Different types of Ghee Making Machines

Ghee Boiler

The inner shell with a cylindrical body and the hemispherical bottom is made of 6mm thick material. It has a hemispherical bottom which is made of MS plate of around 6mm thickness. It is insulated and this is made of rock wool type glass which is between the outer shell.


Accessories with Boiler

Sweeping type agitator with a geared motor of suitable HP, SS. The grider thickness is 6mm and the SS semi-circular removable cover is around 2mm thick. It has a float type with a stream trap and bypass arrangement which is a safety valve. The pipe legs have 76mm with adjustable fall feet. The hydro test is conducted and all the surfaces are polished with around 150 grits.


Ghee Making machine

Jar Material

  • It is made of stainless steel sheet and the bottom thickness is around 16mm.
  • The ball valve is 1.5” S.S.


Structure material

  • The frame structure is 2mm thick.
  • The gearbox contains a heavy-duty worm type gearbox.
  • The motor is a 1.5HP single or three-phase model.
  • It has 2 gas burners that are united.
  • The total electrical load is around 1.5 HP.


Cream Separator

  • The capacity of the cream separator is around 500 lph.
  • The milk temperature is around 35-45 (Degree C)
  • These machines make the cream efficient for up to 95 percent.
  • The fat content in skim milk is around 0.5 %.
  • The base is made up of casting
  • The motor is of 1425 RPM and 0.25 HP Single Phase 220 V.
  • The milk tank is made of aluminum which has a capacity of around 40 liters.


Butter Churner

  • The barrel capacity is around 400 liter.
  • The cream loading is 200 Kg/Batch.
  • The frame and structure are made from stainless steel of AISI-316 and its thickness is 1.6mm. The SS pipe diameter is around 38 to 50mm.
  • It contains motors of Kirloskar 2 Hp single, three-phase, or Crompton greaves.
  • The butter churner contact surface is shot or sandblasted. This way the material like butter won’t stick to its surface.
  • The butter churner will come with Sight glass, Buttermilk drain, Air vent, and Cream loading door. Additionally, there are buttvalves and other accessories.


Ghee Pre- Filtration Tank

Ghee Pre-Filtration Tank is manufactured by a 1.2 mm 304 SS sheet. Double wire-mesh is fitted for Filtration with a ball valve that takes out ghee. To make it move the wheels added to the bottom of the tank.


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