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How A Btech Student Earned Over Rs 1 Lakh With His Own Dairy Farm?

Dairy farming is well-known not only among farmers, but this is also quite popular among youngsters as well. These days, you will also find several institutes in India which offer several courses on agriculture, so that you can boost your country’s economy. For more detailed information, you have to read this article carefully at the end.

Dairy farming is the best profession these days, because of the introduction of advanced technology and educated persons as well. In the past years, all the dairy farmers perform dairy tasks manually without dairy machinery. However, these days, all the dairy farmers go with machines such as milking machines, paneer and butter making, and so on.

A recent study shows that how young ones are leaning toward this profession. They choose this profession because these days all the works are done with the help of machines. And they can earn too much with these machines since these are valuable to do all the works in a few minutes and give you quality products.

How a Btech passed out earn almost 1 lakh from dairy farming?

Jamsheer is Btech passed out who earns almost 1 lac from dairy farming. He reveals it in his interview with a well-known journalist. Let’s have a look at his journey.

Entry to a dairy farm

He said he started his dairy farm 2 years ago because he wants to grow his dad’s business effectively. He has a little bit of knowledge of cattle or dairy farming because his father is a farmer and they have several cows at home. Then he talked to his father in order to start a dairy business, so that they can serve people with quality products.

He has almost 40 to 45 cows on this farm and all are of great quality. He buys all the quality machines from the nearest store after estimating the cost of dairy farming. Along with this, he turned to organic farming so that he can improve the health of his cattle.

Organic farming

organic farming is explained as farming, in which no pesticides or insecticides are used to grow vegetables or other plants. Organic products are on the peak these days because people are too conscious about their health. So, that’s why jamsheer turned to organic farming from ordinary farming. He cultivates so many vegetables and fruits on his farm without pesticides and insecticides so that people can consume healthy food.

Moreover, he tells about his earnings that he earned almost 40 to 50 thousand a day, and almost 1 lac in a month. You can also earn this much money from dairy farming but if you plan everything in advance. And you have to put some extra effort into dairy farming in order to grow this sector or yourself as well.