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Everything you must know about butter making

Butter is an important food item used by people all over the world. Adding this to your morning toast is a delight. Moreover, the baking and other delicacies become even better by adding butter in it. Read the given topic, to know more about the process of butter making.

When was the butter made?

When Romans first arrived in Britain, they did not find the cheese-making process but they get to know about butter production. It means from the past 2000 years we have been enjoying the butter or might be longer.

In the UK there is the use of the unclarified butter. In clarified butter, butter is processed in different steps which helps in removing all types of milk solids. The left part is a yellow and clear liquid which is higher as compared to butter burning point. It won’t get spoiled like the unclarified butter will. This is the reason, in a warmer climate it is best.

This is the reason, in India the clarified butter has become a very important part of Indian cuisine.

Traditional way to make the butter

At some point in your life, you must have seen butter getting churned or on TV. Some people that get to grow in a family who have seen elders making the butter.

The butter is made after separating the cream from the milk. In the traditional manner, the cream is churned to make it thick. The excess liquid is drained off (referred to as buttermilk) and the solid part is shaped according to need.

Current method to make butter

The main principle as it was earlier, but with the advent of the dairy machinery and other equipment like butter churner has made the work faster. More butter is transported which means you can buy it easily from the local market.

Currently, the milk and cream are separated by using the centrifugal force (spinning liquid at high speed). Another benefit is that milk is pasteurized, which means the bacteria are killed because of the high temperature. This also helps the butter to last for a long time as its quality is better and it tastes delicious.

What is the method of making spreadable butter?

Many people love butter but it becomes quite frustrating when it does not get spread on the slice easily. This might be because you have just taken it out of the fridge. This is the reason dairy farmers are producing spreadable butter. Even after taking it out from the fridge they will be very easy to spread as compared to regular butter. This happens because the vegetable oil is added which gives it a softer consistency. Although there is comprise made to the taste of butter quality.

butter churan machine

Butter Churn Machines for Domestic & Commercial purposes

Since India consists of many vegetarians strictly abiding to the norm as a cultural and religious, many of them widely consume milk products like butter, cheese, and curd to provide the necessary body nutrients. This has gone on for generations and generations and the trend is not about to be exhausted. With that, proving better milk products with high standards and the natural taste is a priority among dairy equipment manufacturers and suppliers plus milk joints.

One way of keeping the standards high which on the other hand, boosts the dairy sector is the usage of dairy equipment like butter churn machines. The machine can be purchased for domestic purposes and as well as commercial purposes like in restaurants and hotels.

NK Dairy Equipment provides first class butter churn machines that are user friendly for domestic and commercial purposes. Designed with great artistry and from the best material, the machines are a great deal for any shop or hotel. Milk products are widely consumed in India and among them is butter used for cooking, added in already made vegetables, and also used as a bread spread during breakfast.

Butter is one of the most delicious dairy products that has been consumed for ages. Its production process is so simple with a machine since it shortens the time spent and improves the quality of the butter

In the current era, the butter churn machine is a modern machine used to agitate cream milk in order to get butter. Butter is a milk product that contains 81% fat. The butter is normally used as a solid and when heated, it becomes a liquid. This butter is soft and it is very useful to our bodies since it is a good source of vitamin E and K. Butter also boosts our immunity.

Why use a butter Churn Machine

First and foremost, a butter churn machine is a stainless steel machine designed with great ideas aiming at improving the standards of the butter produced in India and worldwide. The machine has numerous advantages such as,

  • Takes less time

  • Gives paramount butter

  • High efficiency

  • Low maintenance

  • Improves the standards of the shop

An Electric Butter Churn Machine or a Manual Butter Churn Machine

Our electric butter churn machines are available in different capacities such as; 20Ltrs, 30Ltrs, and beyond whereas the manual butter churn machines are available in capacities of 20Ltrs, 40Ltrs, and 60Ltrs.

Both the machines are highly functional with standard specifications that will help you operate the machine with ease. The machines are completely affordable and provided in the best quality. The machines are also available in different sizes and shapes

Are you in need of a butter churn machine?

Strictly aiming at manufacturing and supplying standard and world-class dairy equipment, NK Dairy Equipment provides a wide range of dairy machines like durable butter churn machines which are highly affordable and user friendly. Any queries about the modern butter churn machines, one may need can be passed on to us since we are fully at your service