Milk Processing

Why choose the automated equipment for the dairy processing plant?

Invest in high-quality and automated dairy equipment 2022

Milk and dairy products are the two most essential parts for business owners. Especially for those planning to set up their milk processing plant or wish to take their business one step further, the inventive and updated Milk Processing Equipment plays a pivotal role.

The milk processing liners are enormous as they have stainless steel, washers, pipe sleeve, and sealers. Moreover, each option can have addressed the HPSP requirements, which are well-managed against the food safety standards. The processing includes several steps effectively:

  • Raw milk purification
  • Milk homogenization
  • Pasteurization
  • Cooling
  • Filling

Do you wish to set up a khoya Making Machine in your dairy plant? Make sure to get the one that offers higher functionality, and the machinery is based on superior technology.

Automated equipment for different steps of milk processing

  • Raw milk purification

End-user should get the purified raw milk, and that is possible through 2 significant steps:

  • Filtration
  • Centrifugal purification

The given step includes the proper milk processing equipment for better management. As time passes, more and more dairy business owners are slowly moving towards this option.

  • Homogenization

Homogenization stops fat globules presence and makes it better in terms of flavor. That’s not the only aim of homogenization, as doing so makes it easier to digest milk, and the body will get the necessary amount of fat & protein. The homogenization milk equipment is categorized into the following:

  • High-pressure
  • Centrifugal
  • Ultrasonic types

The former one is the most used option among dairy business owners because of how it works.

  • Pasteurization

Milk pasteurization includes three powerful techniques for making the results better. It includes:

  • LTLT

Pasteurization performs at 62-65℃; it goes on for 30 minutes.

  • HTST

Pasteurization is done at 72-75℃ temperature and just for 15 seconds.

  • UHT

UHT has a 130-150℃ temperature & afterward, it’s there for not more than 15 seconds or even less than that.

  • Cooling

Pasteurized milk cooling temperature is not more than 4℃. The variety of cooling equipment is valuable in the market, so depending on the one you choose to get, the pasteurization will vary a lot. As modern technology advances, it makes the entire process manageable and effective.

Invest in modern technology to improve the working of your dairy plant

Automated functioning plays a significant part in cycling everything to the right place. Additionally, it is even easier to meet the hygiene standards as the process is automatic, so there is not much issue. The automated functioning allows you to set the necessary time, and on the said interval, you can give further instructions. By doing so, in-between, you get time to do something more meaningful.

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