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3 Major Tips To Enhance Cow Milk Production To Increase Your Business

Enhancing your dairy farming is important for the overall growth of your business. In this competitive world, being the best can only be achieved by serving the customer what they want with great quality.

But it leaves with an important question how can you increase your dairy production?

Today we are going to help you figure out some basic tips that would turn out to be a beneficial point for your business.

The cow that is milking can consume approximately 100 pounds a day. Add that thing up. So that the milk production would go to Milk Processing Equipment and produce more products.

Tips To Enhance Your dairy Milk Production

  • Cows that lay around more produce more milk

I know it might be hard to believe that the more the cow rest the more likely it is going to produce more milk. But it is the absolute truth. Even a small amount of time your dairy cow is lazing around would affect the number of production. You might ask how is it possible? Well to answer your question the blood flow to the cow udder grows while resting more. To put it simply, when the cow lazes around 25 -30 % of the blood flow increases. Even if you give around 1 hour per day of rest to your cows, you would see a great difference in the dairy storage tanks. 

  • Dairy cows enjoy a predictable routine

Human beings are known to be a creature of habit, doing things that are fixed and are in our daily routine is liked by many of us. The same can be said for the dairy cows, they too are a creature of habit and like to perform their daily activity at a particular time. So this is why if you feed and milk your cow at a particular set time the outcome would be much better than in other situations. Not only milking and feeding but your cow would also like if all the aspects of their life would be in order. All that you need to do is make sure that they are comfortable with the timings set. And if you think it is too much to think about the happiness of a cow then your business would not boom. Let us put it in a more business-related way, dairy farms are one of the most profitable sources on any plant farm for example you can build khoya Making Machine and use milk for production. When it is put in such a way, it makes sense to rely on the happiness of the cow.

  • Do not neglect the dry dairy cows

Cows in the dairy farms who are producing milk tend to get much more attention than the dry cows who are not able to get sufficient nutrition. This immensely impacts the performance of the cow. Here is a list of things farmers should focus on during the dry period

  • Monitor hoof health
  • Prevent BCS gain
  • Maintain dry matter intake
  • Avoid overfeeding

Final Comments

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