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Why Milk Processing is an Important function in Dairy Business

Milk is one of the most consumed food items all over the world, which makes it the duty of dairy owners to give the best milk to the consumers. One of the processes is milk processing which is very important and in this guide, we will tell you about its importance.

So you have been running your milk plant for a long time. You dairy farm include around 50 to 300 cows, sheep, and goats. Are you looking to expand your dairy business? If yes, then you should expand the dairy plants.

No doubt, milk is the most consumed food item in India as it helps in providing the essential nutrients which cannot be taken from any other thing.

Expanding the milk processing plants is beneficial as it will generate more profits and you can also get better-quality milk.

If you know about selling raw milk then it is very easy to shift towards packaged milk and other dairy products. By selling raw milk you will get more benefits as it is pasteurized and also it is available in different packages. To sell the packaged milk you need the following equipment in your plant:

  • Separator Packing
  • Machine
  • Milk Pumps
  • Pasteurizer Cream
  • Pipes
  • Refrigeration System
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Storage Tanks
  • Hot Water Generator
  • Control Panel

Well, each of the milk processing machines has its importance. It includes various units and they perform different functions which are mentioned below.

  • Separators

The separators are important tool which are used in milk production of advanced level. It is helpful when from milk cream need be separated so that skimmed milk can be taken. Well, it is not necessary that the separators should be only at a high level, so they can be used by small scale industry also.

According to the milk which is processed in your plant you can buy the separator of different capacities.

  • Homogenizers

This is very beneficial for homogenization of milk and it should be done with proper standards so that the milk is the best quality. It is available in different capacities along with various power consumption models which start from 500L/H, & 3KW.

100-200 BAR is the working pressure for all of them.

  • Tanks

Different types of tanks are available which are made of stainless steel so that milk can be stored properly and it should not get contaminated. Mostly processing tanks and storage tanks are used.

  • Pasteurizers

To sell the packaged milk this part is also very essential as it helps in delivering the milk which is safe to consume. The process help is destroying the microorganism. So make sure you buy the tools and equipment from a trustworthy company.