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Which equipment is necessary to be installed in a small scale dairy plant?

For every dairy plant, there is a need for necessary equipment. The equipment varies from one dairy plant to another based on the nature of the business. For example, milk processing equipment for small scale dairy farm is different from that of the equipment required in the large scale industries. So let us discuss some of the quintessential pieces of equipment that are needed particularly in the small scale industries.

  • Which services are supposed by a small scale industry to perform?

The small scale industry may include the manufacturing of the following mentioned products:

  • Cream & Butter
  • Pasteurized milk & Yogurt
  • Cheese & Icecream
  • Fluid milk & Buttermilk
  • Which equipment is essential to be incorporated in the small scale dairy plants?

The small scale dairy plants are customary to have the following pieces of types of equipment:

  • Storage equipment

The storage equipment is necessary for all dairy plants. No matter that the dairy plant is either small scale or large scale. There are following types of storage equipment which are essential to carry out the storage functions:

  • Pre stack tanks
  • Milk tanks
  • Interim tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • Pasteurizers

Pasteurization is a process which is necessary to increase the shelf life of the milk. Pasteurization is not only necessary because it helps to alleviate the shelf life. But it should also be considered because it helps to kill the harmful pathogens which are present in the milk. So to carry out this function, it is quintessential to install equipment which carries out the healing process of the milk. The predominant benefits of installing pasteurizer are that one can set the temperature of the equipment according to the preferences.

  • Cream Separators

Cream separators are also installed in the small scale dairy plants. This machine is particularly used for producing either:

  • Skimmed milk
  • Low-fat milk

The predominant function of the cream separator is to divide both the cream and milk separately. Depending upon the temperature conditions, the fat percentage of the milk may vary.

  • Butter churner

Butter is obtained from milk by making it undergo a procedure which is facilitated by the butter churner. The preponderant function of the butter churner is to bring about the butter and buttermilk from the milk itself.

  • Cheese presses

This equipment is needed if you want to make cheese out of the milk. The required results are obtained by compressing the cheese curds at the required force. The amount of cheese curd which is used to obtain the cheese depends on what amount of cheese you are wanting.

  • Homogenizers

Homogenizers are used to ameliorate the texture & taste of the milk. These can be polished up by using the homogenizers. This task is accomplished by compressing the milk through variegated tiny holes under full pressure. The homogenizers are particularly used when you have obtained milk from several different cows and you do not want it to taste bad.

Final Thoughts

The dairy equipment is necessary for any dairy plant to alleviate productivity. No doubt the labour force can do the work but the hygiene and consistency which machines can bring especially in this corona cannot be brought by human labour.

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