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What are the common myths people are having about Dairy farming business?

Milk is considered as the most essential product which a body should intake on a daily basis. It is good for your physical as well as oral health and makes you stay away from any type of diseases. Earlier there was not enough equipment but now with the advancement in technology the milk is produced with the dairy equipment.

There is now so much dairy machinery available for you in the market such as pasteurization machines, milking machines, cheese and butter making machines and much more. But it looks like some myths have overpowered the people and restrain them from trusting milk plant business.

What are the common myths people are having about dairy farming?

Myth 1: Pasteurization damages the nutrients present in the milk

Pasteurization technique is used to remove the bacteria from the milk. It doesn’t destroy the nutrients present in milk. It is a false myth. The milk consists of various nutrients that are mentioned below:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A
  • Calcium
  • Proteins

Myth 2: It is ruthless to detach mothers from their babies

Initially, Calves need mother’s protection but there is a risk of the baby getting infected from the mother. This is the major reason why a farmer separates them and keeps them in different places. It is a false myth spread by people.

Myth 3: It is dangerous for the environment to have dairy farms

Dairy farms are dangerous for the environment is a false myth. There are numerous farmers which live in their farms only and use common natural resources which they reuse also. They reuse their waste material by turning it into fertilisers and electricity.

  • Myth 4: Milk is antibiotic which destroys the health of the people

This is again a false myth. We call a milk antibiotic when a sick cow gives the milk. But farmers keep a check on cows and exchange their sick cows with a healthy one. You should not get worried while drinking the milk is not antibiotic and helps you in staying fit and healthy.

Myth 5: Farmers are cruel with the animals

No, not at all. 24* 7 farmers take care of their cows and are not cruel to them. They take care of them like their children. If farmers will not treat their animals nicely, then the productivity will decrease with time which leads to reduced profits.

Myth 6: Dairy product is rich in fats

It is pre assumed that all dairy products are high in fat and sugar is false. The dairy products are made up of low- fat natural curd, low- fat milk and much more are also available in the market. If you are diet conscious, then you can choose those products for consumption.



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