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Value Of Milking Machines For Dairy Cooperatives & Progressive Dairy Farms

Today not any corner of world has remain untouched with advanced technology so how can dairy farms remain deprive from the great inventions as advanced machines like milking machines have not only reduced the time of milking but also has lesser the cost and increased the productivity of dairy farms.

In earlier days milking was done by hands and even by inserting wheat straws in the teats of cow but in 1851 first suction device was used to milk the cow and has given satisfactory results. Milking management introduced variety of methods for milking to play its crucial role in the milk production chain.

In the late 18s soon the countries like Scotland introduced plusator to alter the suction levels as this pulsator was being used to massage teat and extract milk from it. Afterwards other device called double chambered teat cup has been introduced for milking so in the late 18s hand milking was totally eliminated.

These advanced milking machines are highly beneficial as these work quickly, efficiently and do not harm any udder.

The working principle of this modern machine is to imitate the suckling of calf as it opens the streak canal through the use of vacuum and this principle allows the cow to flow out milk and get it stored in the cups. This machine prevents the congestion of blood and lymph in the teat.

It keeps the milk enclosed and hygiene it as it prevents the milk from external contamination. These machines work properly and beyond the expectations of farmers but if installed and maintained in excellent condition while operating.

NK diary has even initiated to install milking machines for dairy cooperatives and progressive dairy farms so that people can get pure and hygienic milk. This machines has also benefited the farmers as they can work more in lesser time with lesser cost.

Milking machines benefits for dairy cooperatives and progressive dairy farms

  • These machines are easy to install and operate even the ladies can take care of large herd with the help of these milking machines
  • These machines provide hygienic milk so the diseases like Mastitis can be prevented easily.
  • These machines have increased the production of milk and reduced the milking cost by 50%
  • These machines have reduced the milking time and need of labour for milking large herd
  • Maintenance ok milking machine is easy and quite reasonable
  • These machines provide milk quickly without injuring the udder.