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Top Secrets to Increase Dairy Business Profits

Dairy business is growing day-by-day due to advancement in this field. There are so many dairy machines, which are useful to perform all the task in minutes. And these are valuable to produce quality products so that you can serve people well. If you are running a dairy business, then you have to keep certain things in your mind.

Dairy farming is a well-known business among people, because of advancements in the dairy business. These days, all the dairy works are done with the help of dairy machinery. In the past years, farmers perform milking manually with hands, but these days they perform this with the milk processing plant. If you are thinking to start a dairy business then you have to think about the milk plant. Apart from this, you also have to focus on certain secrets that are valuable to grow dairy business as well as increase the profits.

Certain tips to grow your dairy business.

Milk Production

In the dairy business, you have to focus on product quality to grow your business effectively. In addition to this, you have to determine the milk production and quality, which can only be possible if you have quality cows at your farm.

Diet Optimization

For better quality and quantity of milk, diet plays an important role. You have to determine the diet of the cows, whether they are feeding properly or not with a quality diet. Apart from this, you also have to check the feed intake of cattle. If you are unable to provide them a better quality feed, then they will not produce quality milk. So, you must provide them the best diet or feed for better milk production.

Milk storage

You have to store the milk in properly clean utensils, otherwise, bacteria will spoil milk. And no one wants to go with unhygienic milk and other dairy products. So you must clean all the storage units properly to store milk for a long time.

What are the tips to increase Milk production in cows?

Dry Cow Preparations

  • Avoiding overfeeding of the cows
  • Observing hoof health
  • Optimizing cow comfort
  • Preventing gain of BSC
  • Maintaining dry food

Reduce the risk of low blood calcium

  • Metritis
  • High somatic cell count
  • Problematic uterine involution
  • Low milk production
  • Low feed intake
  • Ketosis

Optimal Feeding After Calving

This is another main tip, you have to keep in mind if you want to increase the quantity and quality of milk. The tips are-:

  • Make sure, you must provide almost 14 gallons of warm water to cattle
  • Provide 10 pounds of grass every day
  • Make sure, feed bunks are clean and fresh
  • Provide fresh and properly mixed rations