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Principles of Making Cream with Cream Separator

It is too difficult to make dairy products manually. So, if you are running a dairy business, then you need to understand the importance of every single machine, that is used in the dairy business. In this article we are going to tell you about cream separator, which is used to separate the cream from the milk.

With the advancement in technology, every task is easy to perform with the help of machines. If you are planning to start a dairy business, then you need to understand the significance of every machine that is used in the dairy business. Dairy equipment has to use with proper consideration, so that you can keep it in good condition for a long time. The dairy machines include several types of equipment such as-:

  • Milking plant
  • Cream separator
  • Pasteurization
  • Butter churners
  • Milk coolers
  • Khoya machine
  • Ghee making machine
  • Paneer making equipment.

Well, in this article we are going to tell you about cream separator in detail. So, you have to read this article carefully, if you are planning to start a dairy business. First of all, you have to get knowledge of milk separator.

What is milk separator?

Milk separator is the main component and dairy equipment, which is useful to separate the milk from the cream. There are two types of separators available in the market such as manual and electric. The manual separator is usually used by small business persons whereas electric separators are used to produce enough or too much cream from the milk. The main parts of separator include-:

  • Casing
  • Milk receiving tank
  • Electric motor
  • Drum
  • Cream and skim milk receiver
  • The float chamber.

You have to check all the parts in advance so that you can get the best quality product. Let’s try to understand the principles of the separators.

Principle of the separator

As we stated in the previous paragraph, there are different types of separators in material, productivity, capacity too. In addition to this, you can either go with manual or electric separator, both have a similar operation. These separate milk into cream, this task is done by drum and plates too, that are present in milk separator. The separation process also includes the separation of impurities too, so that you can get a quality product or cream.

The process of separating milk

  • If you are using an electric separator, then you first turn on the switch and then wait for some time, so that the engine starts properly.
  • Then you have to add almost 1 liter of water into the separator, only then pour the milk into it.
  • After that, you have to boil the milk at a high temperature and repeat this process for at least 2-3 times.
  • At last, separates the cream from the milk and store it in the utensil.