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Paneer Manufacturing Process and NK Dairy Equipments Expertise

About Paneer

Well, everyone loves the panner so much and it is additionally known as cottage cheese. Paneer is a famous dairy product in North India and some other countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Millions of people like paneer dishes so much because it’s taste is so awesome. In addition, the consumption of panner is increasing day by day, especially in India because India is so popular in dairy farming.

No doubt, paneer manufacturing is on peak these days not only in India but also in other countries too. There are several reasons behind the growing demand for paneer these days such as consumption of Italian food include pizza and pasta and some other types of foods. People who do not like meat or chicken they love panner so much because it is as effective as meat or chicken.

Moreover, with the increasing demand of paneer, the majority of farmers are lean toward paneer manufacturing plant. Because paneer plant make tons of panner within minutes and you do not need to do anything with your own hands.

Paneer Manufacturing Process

Actually, in the previous decade’s people make cheese from the cow and buffalo’s milk with their hands but these days they lean toward processing units which give the same quality panner as previous ones.

Let’s understand how the processing unit makes paneer.

In the processing unit first milk is heated at 90°c and then cooled at 76°c in order to coagulate the milk. After then the pouring of milk is done and separate the coagulate from milk. After pouring the coagulum pressed the coagulum in order to give it a better shape. And after the performing pouring and pressing, then pressed material is again dipped in cold water with the goal to pack and sealed it.

After packing, the panner is delivered to other places so that people can buy it. We are expertise in making the best quality paneer processing units. Since we focus on quality than quantity, that’s why people like our dairy equipments so much.

What is NK’s expertise in making Paneer processing units?

We make products according to the requirements of the customer and dairy farmer. Because there are not all the dairy farmers run big scale business, some are running small scale business. Due to which they need small size machines or units. That’s why we make units as per requirements if they if then we make big otherwise that size or design which they actually want.

Moreover, our paneer processing units include-:

  • Paneer vat
  • Paneer hoop
  • Paneer pressing unit.
  • Paneer cooling unit.
  • Vacuum units for packing and sealing the paneer.
  • Storage units as well.

Don’t worry we know the value of your money and we only make the paneer processing plant on your demand too. In addition, we have too much experience in manufacturing, designing, and installation of paneer processing units. If you really want one, then must visit us once or contact us on given contact numbers.