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What are the small-scale milk processing equipments for dairy farm business?

Milk is the most consumed beverage in India which provides leverage to the small dairy farms to serve the customers. To set up your Milk Processing Plant you don’t have to get the entire setup as there is small-scale dairy equipment that you can choose from. Once you have set up that successfully you can opt for the Ghee Plant to make your business worth it in every sense. The choices are endless once you have been successful in the first step and have managed everything like you can install the Mawa making machine at your dairy farm.

What are the products which can be obtained through milk processing?

With the small-scale milk processing business, you can get numerous products like:

  • Cream

  • Butter

  • Fluid milk

  • Buttermilk

  • Pasteurized milk

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese

  • Ice cream

  • And other products

 What is the milk processing equipment for small-scale dairy farms?

Here is the list of the small-scale dairy farm equipment which you opt for:

  • Milk tanks

Milk tanks, interim tanks, pre-stack tanks are best suited for storing liquid dairy items which also allows them to keep them fresh for a long time. This is the best choice for milk processing as it helps to get fresh, safe, and quality products.

  • Pasteurizers

Pasteurizers are an important part of the milk processing process. With the installation of these units, the milk is heated and is kept at the right temperature for the given time, and then cooked down, so that future processing & storing can be done.

  • Cream separators

Cream separators are another great choice to get skin milk and low-fat milk. With this equipment, you will get 2 different products: Milk and cream & depending on the work time there is the benefit to get different fat percentages.

  • Butter churns

Butter churns is another great choice to churn the milk into butter before it gives you 2 different products like buttermilk and butter. Buttermilk is the best choice as it can be sold right away or it can be fermented which helps to add more nutrients to it.

  • Cheese presses

Cheese presses are known for applying pressure on the cheese curds which makes it easier to squeeze out the cheese form and all the liquid. One of the best dairy products and if you have this equipment it can do wonders for your business.

  • Homogenizers

Homogenizers are another great choice to add to the dairy farm business. With these, the taste and texture of milk will improve. With the machine, the milk is squeezed from the small holes by making the pressure which makes it easier to break them apart, and then the process of homogenization is done. For the milk quality, this is an important piece of equipment.

What are the benefits of a small-scale dairy farm?

  • You will get products of better quality

  • Machines can work for a long time

  • Automated process, take away all the hassle

  • Machines are much easier to clean

If you are looking for any small-scale dairy equipment to set up your business, then get in touch with the Nk Dairy team to get the best and at an affordable price.

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