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How are ghee and mawa made from milk? How is milk processed?

We all know that milk is a nutritious food that makes our bones strong and body active. Since it has a short life, there is a need to carefully preserve it. For this reason, when the demand for milk increases, the number of milk processing plants also increases.

Apart from this, it is super beneficial from a business point of view. It is the milk only from which ghee and mawa can be prepared. These two are also products that are in great demand because of their health benefits.

How is Ghee made from Milk?

The cream which forms on the upper layer of the milk is separated. From that cream, butter is made, with the help of a blender. Once the butter is made, then it is heated at a low flame until the milk solids and the liquid fat is not getting separated. Since people are liking to use it so much, the ghee plants are also increasing in numbers, which produce the ghee in great quantities.

What is mawa and how is it made?

Mawa is also known as the khoya. It is made by heating the milk on a simmered flame until the moisture from the milk evaporates and the solids are not coming out in the kadhai. Since it is the base of all Indian sweets, it has to be produced in large quantities, so mawa making machines are being used.


Which techniques are being used by the milk processing plants?

The milk processing plants make use of those techniques that can help to increase the shelf life of the milk, so that it can be preserved for some more days, like:

  • Cooling
  • Fermentation

What is pasteurization? Is this process helpful?

It is one of the processes that require heat treatment for extending the usable life of the milk. This process aims at reducing the pathogenic microorganism so that they cannot emerge as a hazard for health in any way

How does milk processing benefit the small scale dairy producers?

With milk processing, such airy producers can earn great incomes by selling raw milk and offering greater opportunities for accessing the regional and urban markets.

Did you know?

Since milk processing has emerged as a requirement, the number of jobs in the milk processing sector is also increasing. The off-farm milk jobs such as the following are giantly increasing:

  • Milk Collection
  • MIlk Processing
  • Milk Transportation
  • Milk Marketing

Final Comments!

Milk Processing has become a need of today’s era. People are finding their lives very difficult without milk. So the need arose to have a stock of milk stored so that people are getting the adequate amount as per their needs. Storing milk was not enough, as it can get deteriorated. So there is the need to process it. Milk processing has solved a lot of problems. It does not only help the dairy producers to prevent encountering losses, but it helps them to make giant profits.

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