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Read How Modern Dairy Farms Are Working Towards Quality Hygiene

For the customer getting milk which is clean and free from harmful bacteria is very essential. But how do the modern dairy farms make sure that the diary is kept clean and the cleanliness is of high?  Using modern techniques for getting high-quality milk and managing the farm every day is another thing. The milk has to be tested and checked on a regular basis. The methods of working need to be improved.  Nowadays new systems like Afi wash have been launched. It helps to keep a routine of cleanliness in the Milking site. These types of techniques help in cleaning the cow and their parts which are used for milking in a proper way, this makes sure that cleanliness level and hygiene levels are very high. No doubt the place where the milking takes place has to be neat and clean but there are many more factors which can impact the quality of milk.

The Cleanliness Kept In Farms

The milking machines have a very big role to play in the production of milk.

But, there are more things besides sanitation or a clean machine which account for the level of cleanliness.  Factors like the type of bedding material used and pick up of the cluster also affected the impurity of milking clusters and bulk tank milk. Modern dairy farms can look at other things also besides microbial contamination of the milking machine when looking at the levels of hygiene.

How is Machine Milking linked with  Mastitis?

Another important factor which needs to be kept in mind is the health of cows and how it affects the milk. Many people believe that milking machine can put the health of cows in danger and can pose a threat to cows having Mastitis. Mastitis in cow leads to the cow having various issues like lactoferrin, potassium and protein and casein in milk. Mastitis occurs due to careless milking and incorrect use of equipment. Therefore dairy farmers should educate everyone who does the milking process about proper use of machines.

Another thing which needs to be kept in mind is avoiding over milking.

Use the best milking equipment

It is very important to work with the best milking equipment to have the best end results.