paneer press machine

Modern & Quality Dairy/Paneer Press Equipments for India’s Farms

India’s dairy industry is steadily growing at a faster rate and in case you didn’t know, India is one of the leading milk producers in the world. Increasing litres of milk are annually exported to other Asian countries. India is known to export more liquid milk as compared to powdered milk.

Basically, milk is collected various dairy farms to the main collection centres in India. However, there are countable big farmers that are independent and conduct various milk processes. These are known to be bigger customers with the fact that they purchase big milk machines to facilitate all their milk processes.

Milking machines are some of the commonly purchased dairy equipments at five times higher than any other milk machine. Milking machines are applicable to small, medium, and big farms in all cities. They are also quite affordable with the fact that one buys according to the farm’s size.

Other dairy machines commonly purchased include;

  • Curd machines

  • Paneer press

  • Khoya machines

  • Milk Cans

  • Cream separators

  • Milk analyzers

  • Milk buckets among others

NK dairy equipment is a leading dairy equipment manufacturer in India maintaining a competent quality of dairy machines and unbeatable prices. NK manufactures and supplies all types of dairy equipment to various states and cities of India. With both client and quality centric approaches, the dairy equipment manufacturer and supplier offers a wide range of dairy equipment assortment like paneer press machines.

Our paneer press machines are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using high technology and advanced protocols to maintain a high level of quality. The machine is also available in various sizes and in case interested in buying a paneer press machine, just contact NK dairy equipment for the best machines.

The paneer machine will basically help you attain high-quality paneer from coagulated milk with a lot of convenience. The machine only utilizes an edible acidic substance at a high temperature and reject the whey formed by pressing the material. The design of the machine with its specifications offer unmatchable speed, proficiency, and reliable performance. In addition, our paneer machine facilitates the following;

  • Stability

  • User friendly

  • Hygienic

  • Energy efficiency/economical

  • Low maintenance

  • High-quality paneer

  • Easy installation

  • Easy to operate

  • Smooth operation

With that, NK dairy equipment company pioneers in manufacturing standard paneer machines with uncompromised quality. The paneer press machine is also supplied with an electrical panel with automatic times. Also, a pneumatic control paneer cutting press for cutting the paneer blocks into desired sizes is provided

Depending on the client choice, we manufacture a wide range of paneer press machines for all farm sizes. The machines are completely affordable and discounts are offered where applicable.