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Is Dairy Farming a Big trouble for Cows?

Dairy farming business is growing a lot all over the world. But, one thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the dairy cows should be given the proper facilities. So, is possible that increase is milk production is affecting the cow’s health. In this guide, we will share whether dairy farming is causing trouble to cows.

In India milk is the most consumed food items by people and it is considered as the most essential because it provides various health benefits. In most of dairy farming, the cows are used to obtain the milk. It has been seen that milk production has increased a lot. But, is the thing affecting the health of cows in any way?

  • Giving birth frequently

The cow lactate milk if she has recently given birth. Naturally, a cow gives birth after nine months and then she nurses the calf for around seven months. This is a wasted period for dairy farming because the milk which is beneficial for dairy business is given to the calf. This is the reason, the calf is taken immediately from the dairy cows. If it is male beef then it will be killed or sent to be raised as beef. Cows naturally live for 20 years but the dairy cows live for only 4 years because of continuous lactate and frequent disease.

Due to artificial insemination, the dairy cows give birth only once in a year. After calving for 2 to 3 months, the cow is impregnated and the cycle starts again. So, it means that dairy cows are induced most of the time so that the milk is produced. Keep in mind the milking machine should be bought from the trusted source so that you do not face any problem in future.

  • Feed and growth hormones

Naturally, cows eat grass but it is high-fiber and low nutritional density which does not result in milk in high quantity. But the milk which is produced is not enough to fulfill the needs of customers. This is the reason, cows are fed a diet of high-protein and low-fiber like corn and soy.

But the feed given to them is difficult to digest which makes them sick.

Another thing which is used to increase milk production is growth hormone rBGH, which can produce milk 10 times more. But its use is causing different health problems.

  • Shelter given to dairy cows

In dairy farm the cows the given both indoor and outdoor facilities like stall barns, sheds, or outdoor dirt corrals. But, the cows which are restrained get ill and stressed which can even develop skin injuries, diseases, and lameness. Still, in some places, the proper place is not being developed properly. Make sure the milk plant has all the necessities which the dairy cows need.