Dairy Plants

Improving Sustainability with Innovative Dairy Farming

There is no doubt that India is a land of farmers. Along with this, a lot of developments have been made in the dairy industry which made India the largest milk producing nation. The annual milk production is around 155.5 MT and it is estimated that it is going to get double in the coming years.

No doubt, several efforts have been made it increase the productivity at low operating cost, better quality milk, and more profits. Here are some innovative farming dairy models which help in improving sustainability:

  • Dairy farm at Large Scale

The Dairy farm at large scale consists of feeding system, crossbred cows, milk processing machines, and best storage facility. In this, the private player handles the responsibility and all the maintenance of the dairy plant. In this, there might be a mutual contract with the farmers to keep the supply of fodder proper so that the cattle produce the milk of good quality. The milk can be sold as their own product or to other dairy farm owners. This model helps in increasing the productivity at large scale by increasing the farm operations and other control processes. 

  • Industry Supported farming model

Many farmers get financial support and technical guidance from private owners. This way, they can expand their business by increasing the cattle size and other dairy farm operations like building a proper infrastructure, feed management, and trying new breeding practices.

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  • Progressive Dairy Farm owners

The dairy farm which is of mid-sized and has around 500 cattle animals for the future. Basically, they focus on effective labor management, best veterinary service, and fodder. In this, the farm owner does not have to spend so much money to get quality milk.

But, the problem is that as the investment is limited, so giving a proper check to all the farm operations is not an easy task.

  • Community Dairy Farms

This model is actually based on a dairy farm which is set up in China. In this, the milch animals are taken from the neighborhood and then proper care is taken of them. In the farm infrastructure private player invest the most and the ownership is with individual milk producers. They are responsible for managing the cows and their shelter. This way, the small scale farmers get to take the experience of resources and technology.