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Guide on Modified Boiler Based Mawa Maker 2022

Mawa is one of the essential parts of making different Indian sweets. Mawa is used as a base to make other sweets & make its taste much better. The initial preparation includes boiling milk which leaves a semi-solid substance afterward. There are even modifications made in the way mawa making machines work & there is an increased rate of energy efficiency in this case.

It is one of the most lucrative opportunities for dairy business owners. Even if you are running a ghee plant going down the road of mawa making along with it, it is only going to be beneficial on the professional end.

Origin of mawa making

The original method to prepare mawa is done in a Kadai & then an open stove is used with burning firewood. The commercial mawa production uses steam for milk heating. Once the milk is heated, the exhaust steam will come out; everything gets collected on the bottom & condensation is done in an open tank. In this case, systems are not correctly fitted, which allows the steam to pass through all the joints. But the conventional method requires a lot of energy consumption & this is why to address the same the modern and latest techniques are invented to make the working much more accessible.

 Modified Boiler based Mawa Maker

To get the improved, effective, and modern-based modified boiler mawa maker, you should reach out to the Dairy Plant Manufacturer, who can effectively help you choose the most reliable option. The inventive mawa maker machine comes with a steam circuit & there is a boiler, Kadai, pipes, & condenser. Moreover, the design is leakproof, which effectively offers a significant amount of fuel. Most importantly, the focus is to reduce wastage as much as possible.

The machine comes with a closed circuit which prevents the need to use additional water. Overall, the modern system is an excellent choice for saving everything precisely. One thing which needs attention is that wood consumption is significantly reduced as the boiler can be redesigned through the system of horizontal fire tubes & there is even a stem back which offers recycling & there’s no condensation.

Automated functionality is embedded

The emphasis is put on reducing human efforts as much as possible. The automated mawa making machine offers automatic stirring functionality. It means there is no one person needed by the device all the time to stir it so that mawa does not get stuck to the walls. The machines available nowadays offer the process of getting mawa processed around 10 to 12 kg & even the unloading of prepared mawa is much easier. All in all, it’s the automated functionality that makes a lot of difference in how everything is done.

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