Milk Processing

Which are the critical factors to set up the milk processing business?

Are you planning to own a dairy plant?

Well! That’s a great choice. The milk processing business is an integral part of the industry, and it is gradually becoming famous around the world. The dairy business is indeed something that is making a difference in the way it’s done and how others consider the same. India is among the largest producers and consumers of dairy products. The ever-increasing demand and present scenario have made it possible for the milk processing business to create the desired impact on the business owner to transform their business functionality. To set up the milk processing business with utmost ease, all the necessary inventive and modern Milk Processing Equipment are needed to make the workflow manageable.

Setting up the dairy business with a practical approach

The primary consideration is to check how much you are willing to invest in setting up the dairy plant. You have to check the investment capacity and get the necessary steps done accordingly. It will be much easier for you to know the desired benefits you can get through the dairy setup. Additionally, it’s also like knowing the milk processing business is managed through every possible bit. If you have just started, make sure that you consider all the necessary dairy products and choose the one you are most inclined towards.

When you want to store milk and other dairy products, you have to know all about the capacity solutions. As the options are endless, it depends on how much is being processed each day.

500 Liters per day

This much milk quantity processing is needed for the dairy farm having around 60 to 100 buffaloes & cows. For making the benefits reach another level, the option of pasteurized milk is essential for well managing the entire work. All the necessary equipment that is needed in the milk plant are:

  • Refrigeration system
  • Milk pumps
  • Storage Tanks
  • Cream separator
  • Pasteurizer
  • Pipes
  • Control Panel

Whether you look for the khoya making machine or any other machinery of your choice.

1000 liters per day

Such a quantity of milk is perfect if the farm has buffalo and cows count from 50 to 100. The business owners can produce pure ghee, yogurt, and milk pouches.

2000 liters per day

This quantity of milk is suitable for those dairy farms having 200 to 300 cows and buffaloes. Additionally, the production of dairy products includes cottage cheese, yogurt, pure ghee, flavored milk, and many other food items.

5000 liters per day

This quantity is excellent for the dairy farms having around 300 to 500 buffaloes and cows.

In case you have a specific requirement, then you can tell the NK Dairy Equipments team beforehand, and they will fulfill all your needs.

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