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Can the introduction of automation increase productivity in dairy plants?

As we all know how machines have affected our lives to the largest extent. Earlier when mobile phones were not there, we used to take the help of the letters that usually take more than a 1 week or even month in case of the far off places to reach. But with mobile phones, we can convey messages speedily. The same is the case with the dairy industry. The productivity of a dairy plant can be increased from 70 to 80% with the help of machines and automation.

So let us get to know some of the advantages which dairy industry is experiencing due to the introduction of machines and automation:

  • Increment in the productivity

AS we all know the productivity of the plant is greatly impacted if the machines are introduced to replace the manual labor. It is accepted that the productivity of manual labor keeps on fluctuating as human energy cannot be the same all the time. Besides, manual labor is known to take leaves which adversely impacts the output.

  • Replace the manual labor

We do accept the fact that the replacement of manual labor with machines will increase the unemployment rate of the country. But the aim of bringing about automation in the dairy industry is to use manual labor for the right purpose.

For example, labor was earlier employed for the work that the machines are doing. But now the labor will be hired for operating the machines.

  • Systematic carrying out of the process

As we know, there are so many procedures that are carried out in dairy plants. Each of the procedures has to be carried out with the ultimate precision. And that can only be carried out with the help of the machines.

  • Increment in the turnover of the farm or the plant

If the constant productivity will be assured without the dairy in the output, then the turnover is sure to get increased.

  • Required for future

As we all know, today or someday we all have to step towards digitization and automation. So if we skip or neglect this today, then no doubt, the future situations will somehow compel us to do the needy.

  • No fluctuations in the productivity

Human beings cannot work with the same strength and energy all the time. Sometimes they are very high and while other times they are very low. So the productivity and the output fluctuated accordingly.

But if we talk about the machines then these can assure that the productivity never fluctuates. No doubt the dairy equipment also feels the need for repairs. Nevertheless, the output is never affected to a huge extent.

  • Change in the scale

If we talk about the scale, if it is about manual labor, then it can not be changed. Change of scale requires the change in the methods and techniques.


IF you are aiming to increase the scale of the dairy plants, then please count on the NK dairy equipment, which is cost-effective, and the productivity enhancers simultaneously.

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