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In-depth information about the functioning of a cream separator

Well, a cream separator is a device that helps in the cream separation process from milk. And also plays an essential role in dividing whole milk into Skim Milk and Cream. You can contact NK Dairy Equipments to buy this device, as they are the best Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India.

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This is how a cream separator work

  • Cream separator functioning

Centrifugal force is used to separate cream from milk in more quantity. Milk keeps on spinning in a drum until the process is complete, and the speed of spinning is between six thousand to ten thousand per minute.

Essential factors to keep in mind

  • Efficiency

A high-quality centrifugal cream separator can remove skim milk up to 0.05 percent of the fat in skim milk.

  • Ability

You can fill the drum with milk, and within one hour, it can provide proper separation of cream from skim milk.

  • Power Supply

As these cream separators have a motor that requires electricity in order to perform a milk separation task. However, in the past manual cream separators were more popular and did not require electricity. And that was a time-consuming process because human hands can not match the speed of machines.

Considerations that influence milk separation

  • Temperature of milk

According to many studies, 45 degrees celsius temperature is enough or perfect for the best in order to complete milk separation properly.

  • Several volumes of milk

The more milk you will use, the more you will get cream. And machines perform their task easily when there is more quantity. However, the results of cream extraction from milk also depend on the fat percentage of milk.

  • Recommendation

According to many dairy equipment manufacturers, if you have to separate cream from milk in a huge amount, then you can use two devices. Because using one separator continuously can affect the outcomes of separation. And when you clean the first device so at that time you can use the second cream separator. It will provide assistance for obstacle-free production.

Types of the milk separation process

  • Organic Vs. Pasteurized

The process of cream separation from raw milk does not vary from the process of pasteurisation. And in natural milk, it is not important to remove fat.

  • Cow and goat

The separation process is the same for all types of milk, but there can be a difference between the time of the separation process. This is because of the difference in the structure and fat of the milk.



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