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Tips to Save Dairy Expenses

Dairy farmers are getting impacted by the low milk prices and most of them find ways to maintain milk production. Dairy farmers often find ways to improve their business. In this guide, we are going to share the tips which will help to save the dairy expenses so that your business works in a better way.

How to cut the cost?

In most cases, dairy producers focus on doing things in a better way. It is important to carefully examine the situation so that you can make the best decision. If the cash is short then it is difficult to take a tough decision. The biggest expense is the feed which can be either purchased and farm produced. Here are some of the tips which will help to save the daily expense.

Important tips to remember

Tip no 1: “Never cut anything which affects milk production”

This is just linked with bad economics. You should focus on income over feed costs. It is just a margin that helps you pay the bills. Make sure to line up everything with the margin production plan. Also, get the best quality dairy machines for your dairy farm so that the business milk production is at the right level.

Tips no 2: “Avoid anything which affects pregnancy rate”

After milking and feeding, the factor of cows getting pregnant which is very important so that you get profit from the dairy. Keep the aim at 150 days in milk. Milk production is higher and per cwt of milk lower feed costs when there is lower milk of days.

Make sure that you closely monitor how the feed cost per cwt of milk will be lowered. Make sure that you take the help of the consultants or nutritionists to determine the cost of feed.

When you take the help of the experts they will explain everything to you regarding the best dairy machinery to use in the dairy farm to minimize the expenses.

Tip no 3: “Every month calculate the feed cost per cwt of milk”

Animals on the farm should be added after breaking the milking cows. Determine the feed cost on a daily basis for animals in each group. Then keep a check on milk price and production. You need to consider which amount will be right for you so that the milk you are selling its cost is fulfilled.

Tip no 4: “Higher milk production will make a difference”

in your dairy farm around half of the cows should be below 150 days in milk and no single cow should be above 365 days in milk. When the lactation is early it helps to make the milk production higher and efficient.

Be careful

You need to be very careful while making the changes as the valuable ingredients should not be overlooked.