dairy equipments

Things you must know about milk processing equipment

Dairy business is one of the main and fastest-growing businesses. With the evolving technology, various sections are also gaining more importance and working is getting better. In this guide, we are going to tell you important points which a dairy farmer must know regarding milk processing equipment.

Nowadays the milk processing plant’s main section is the milk processing equipment. No doubt, there are many other sections in dairy farming. But the milk processing part performs different operations and working like milk storage, clarification, separations, homogenization, pasteurization, and other things.

With the advancement in technology, dairy machinery, and dairy equipment have become advanced as well as their working has got even better. The advanced hi-tech machines are very helpful for the farmers as they are designed in such a way that human efforts are put less. This is the reason, the dairy industry is growing all over the world. These various dairy products are produced like yogurt, cheese, milk, ice cream, butter, and many other products.

Milk Equipment in Dairy Plant


In this process, the different types of operations, lines, and equipment are controlled.


Dairy products are consumed by consumers all over the world so it is essential to ensure that they are free from any type of bacteria. In this case, the pasteurization process is referred to as heat treatment which helps in getting rid of the harmful bacteria and reduce enzymatic activity.


Mixing is highly complex work which includes emulsifying, dispersing, liquid ingredients and dissolving the powder into the liquid substance.

Milk Separators

The milk separators are essential in the processing plant which works on making the quality and texture of the product excellent. Additionally, the skimming milk performance is maintained which helps in ensuring that destructive air is maintained.


This method is performed in the dairy plant for doing different activities like best results for different products, texture, making taste better, cream or juice-based drinks viscosity. This is important for preventing the cream line and milk product sedimentation. Along with that in yogurt, the separation of the whey is prevented.

Sugar Treatment

In this process, the low-grade sugar is made which needs to be used in the food products. Their sugar treatments are of different types which can be performed by milk equipment.


This is another important part of the milk processing in which the total solids, fat, solids non-fat, and protein are separated from the product.

Milk tanks

Milk needs to be stored in the best manner whether when it is received or when it is ready to be delivered to the end-user. So, proper storage tanks or containers should be there are milk, cream, or skim milk.