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Some Myths and Facts about Milk

It is true that drinking milk is valuable for your health. But some people are creating misconceptions about milk. In this article, you will learn about certain myths and facts about milk. So, you must read it carefully at the end, this will help you to get more knowledge about the science behind misconceptions.

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Several people ask us whether drinking milk is good or bad. This thing creates several misconceptions because everyone makes assumptions about milk consumption. You can simply find the pros and cons of drinking milk on the internet. But if still you are confused about myths, then you need to read this article. Because we are going to clear all the doubts about drinking milk.

Myth 1-: Raw Milk is healthier.

Fact: It is completely a misconception because raw milk can lead you to serious health issues. It is because raw milk is unpasteurized as well as contains harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms result in certain health risks. Raw milk contains dangerous bacteria such as-:

  • E. coli
  • Listeria
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella.

Myth 2-: Milk causes early puberty.

Fact: Milk is not a cause of early puberty, because early puberty is caused due to Genetics, hormone disorders, being overweight, and brain abnormalities. You may not be aware of it, that cow milk has Bovine Growth Hormone. In addition, in the pasteurization process, these types of hormones are destroyed and the milk that is left better for the digestion process. Pasteurized milk does not affect your body badly, so you do not focus on this misconception.

Myth 3-: Milk is not good to drink during cough and cold.

Fact: It is a misconception because turmeric milk is an effective way to get rid of cold and cough. Yes, if you consume plain milk, then it may make the phlegm thicker, and leads you to irritation to the throat. If you are suffering from cough and cold, then you just go with the turmeric milk, because it is valuable to fight with bacteria and helps boost immunity.

Myth 4: Milk, as well as other dairy products, leads to weight gain.

Fact: If you drink, low-fat as well as unsweetened milk, it can help you to lose weight. Have you ever heard that excess of anything is dangerous? This is the same in the case of drinking milk and other dairy products. If you start consuming too many dairy products, then you will not be able to avoid weight gain.

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