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Role of Advance Milk Processing Equipments to Get More Profit

Dairy products form an essential part of our diet. They help in the development of our bones and teeth. They are also helpful in keeping the hypertension low. It is not a surprise that many dairy farms are engaged in producing dairy products for millions of customers. NK dairy is one of them. NK Dairy helps in making the best dairy products and dairy equipment for the local area. We specialize in cattle keeping, harvesting milk, producing dairy products like paneer,  butter, cheese, etc. We also supply dairy equipment to other dairy owners.

The various dairy equipment by NK dairy plant  –

Milk processing separators

This equipment is used to separate milk cream and skimmed milk. It helps the dairy farms in providing an effective solution to obtain easy to use milk cream. The equipment comes with separators which make it easy to operate, and makes the nonstop functioning possible.

Milk processing pasteurizers

Pasteurization is a process which is used to kill bacteria from the milk. The technique uses heating to kill the microbes. The process kills the bacteria which are present in the milk. It minimizes the chances of transmission of various diseases like dysentery, polio, scarlet fever,  tuberculosis, and typhoid fever.

Milk processing Homogenizers

Homogenization is a process which helps in making a mixture of two nonsoluble liquids. After Pasteurization is done, the milk is homogenized to give it a homogenous composition. As milk contains proteins, fats, and water, they need to be homogenized into a solution.

Milk processing tanks

We also provide Milk processing tanks which are available in one layer,two layers or triple layer forms. We also supply cooling tanks, isolated tanks, fermentation tanks, process tanks, and batch pasteurizers. The capacities available range from 100 to 10,000 liters.

Milk processing clarification

It is a process which occupies a significant place in the milk production and processing cycle. This occupies an important place when the need of the hour is the production of high-quality products. The milk clarification process is used to enhance the quality of milk by removing solid contamination, dust, and bacteria.

Paneer separator

It is another product which is highly used by various dairies to produce paneer. Paneer or cheese is a favorite among Indians for its rich taste. The paneer processing plant uses milk to produce paneer by converting into solid material. It also uses the process of pasteurization so the paneer obtained is fit for consumption.