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How to Keep your Dairy Equipments Clean and Hygienic?

Dairy farms are adding much to the national income as well as these farms are contributing the lot to satisfy the daily needs of people for dairy products so it is important to pay extra attention for the cleanliness of dairy farms.

Dairy equipments like milking machines are expensive so it is important to keep them clean so that not only the lifespan of equipments can be increased but also the good quality of milk can be maintained for the best health of the consumers.

You can keep your dairy equipments clean in the following three steps

Rinsing is the initial step of cleaning dairy products. Before cleaning the milking equipments you need to hose down the external surfaces in the milking machine. Before cleaning you can flush the lukewarm water through the milking machine as Luke warm water will help you to get rid of any solids that generally get built in the milking system after draining the milk from it.

Continue the process of flushing Luke warm water until the water gets clear and then drain all the water from the machine before approaching the second step

After rinsing, you can use the chemical cleaning solutions to wash the milking system. This chemical removal of equipment will ensure the removal of butterfat and protein that generally get build in the machine.

You can use the chlorinated alkaline detergent to clean the pipes and equipment and you can mix the detergent with water according to the instruction given on packing of detergent.

Even it is important to keep in the notice about the right temperature of water and detergent mixture so that correct and effective washing can be ensured. Generally, the temperature of the mixture is kept between 160 degrees and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is considered as the last step of cleaning the dairy equipments and in this step chlorine based sanitizer is used to sterilize the equipments. The sanitizer is mixed with Luke warm water and run on 5-minute cycle in the milking system according to instructions of manufacturer given on pack.

Once you find the equipment disinfected, you can drain the sterilized mixture from the machine and let it soak for some time to ensure the proper cleaning.