How Can The Cooling Tanks Benefit The Dairy System?

India holds the highest position among the top milk producing countries. We boast of a high population of milk producing animals. Various states of the country account for high levels of production of milk. But given the climatic conditions of our country, it is important that the milk extracted is stored at low temperatures so that the purity is maintained.It is desirable that the milk is preserved right from the point when it is extracted from the udder to the point when it reaches the customer. The average temperature in the country touches around 45 o C in summers. Keeping this in mind, it is essential that the milk is stored at cool temperature levels of 4 o C soon after the extraction.Such a procedure will help in maintaining the bacteriological quality of the milk.

Cooling Tanks

The best bet for undertaking such a procedure in the use of cooling tanks. Bulk Cooling tanks may be used to store milk after it is taken out from the udder. It is crucial for improving the shelf life of the milk. It further helps in providing a systematic mechanism for the extraction of milk. It is also beneficial in cases where the milk extraction is to be done from far away areas.
According to the latest research, it has been found that if the milk is not used immediately after extraction, then it needs to be stored at a temperature of 7oc. If the procedure is not followed, then the milk will become contaminated. If the perfect safety norms are to be followed, it will be better if the milk is stored in the cooling tanks soon after extraction. It will be beneficial in the long run as the need or milk cans and long transportation cost will not be incurred.There are many more advantages which come with this measure –

  1. Souring or curdling of the milk will be prevented
  2. Adulteration or spilling of milk during transportation can be avoided
  3. The quality of milk will be improved.
  4. The dairies concerned will save on purchase and maintenance of cans.
  5. There will be more flexibility in the schedule of milk collection thereby increasing the volume of milk collected.
  6. The improvement in the quality will prove beneficial in the local as well as international market.