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Guide to Cleaning and Sanitizing Milk Equipments

Dairy business is growing a lot in India because of the increase in dairy products. No doubt, it is important that the final product should be delivered to the customer which is properly clean and sanitized. In this guide, we are going to tell you everything about the cleaning and sanitizing milk equipment.

In the dairy business, there is a need for different milk equipment. When the dairy machines are used they come in contact with the dirt and germs. Due to this, the milk can get harmful and not fit for consumption. 2 processes that are important in the dairy farm for the milking machinery: cleaning and sanitizing.


  • Cleaning Process


The cleaning process means the milk soils are taken out and minerals solids which are present in the equipment surface.


  • Sanitizing process


In the sanitizing process, the harmful microorganisms are killed which are present on the bottom of the dairy machines.

Both these processes are essential so that there are no bacteria present in the milk and other processing equipment surface. Some of the additional things which are important in this process are:

Procedure for cleaning and sanitizing

  • Every dairy owner wants that the end dairy product delivered to the end-user is proper and fit for consumption. For every manufacturer, there are set guidelines for the milking equipment so that proper attention is given to the quantity and attention is given to managing the temperature. There should be the use of proper cleaning solutions and making sure the surface is properly cleaned.
  • Additionally, the right amount of water is used in the cleaning phase. The soil particles are removed by using the cleaning agents. These can also be removed with the help of mechanical agents like distribution cleaning and method of brushing.
  • But, it is important to keep in mind that the method of cleaning is not going to remove all the microbes. It is important to ensure that the sanitizing agents are used with proper strength and sanitizing should be done very carefully.

What are the safety factors in cleaning and sanitizing?

  • The cleaning guidelines should handle all the types of milking equipment like separators, milk tanks, pipelines, homogenizers, and pasteurizers. You must use the washing process and sanitize it for cleaning.
  • Along with that, the cleaning directions should be followed by using the right temperature, water, and chemical quantity.
  • When these processes are used there is the use of some chemical so it becomes important that you use them safely. Make sure it does not get in direct contact. While using them wear gloves, eye protection gear, and face shield so that when you mix the chemicals your body does not get affected.

If you are planning to buy milking equipment then talk to the professionals to get a reliable product.