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Difference between Hand milking and Machine Milking

The first and the most important advantage of hand milking your cows, sheep or goats is that you get into closer contact with your animal. There is something very fascinating and personal and satisfying when it comes to milking cows, goats and sheep by hand and many farmers feel this experience to be the one that really makes it feel like they are in a farm.

In addition, if you have only one animal to milk, then hand milking is preferably the best option. However, this does not mean if you have a fuzzy animal or if the cow or any other animal is producing a considerable amount of milk. The downside of hand milking is considerable, especially if you are older or have difficulty in using your hands for milking task

The strain from milking even one single cow may be painful and certainly tiring for people who suffer from arthritis or just getting up in many years.

Even if you are using a strainer, there will still be all type of debris, dirt, and even speckles of manure in the milk which will eventually make it less comfortable for you to consume.

When the question of milking cows, goats or cattle arises it takes time. A time that can be used anywhere else on your homestead or farm.

While milking machines are generally thought for larger farms. There is a new series of smaller and portable machines in the market that are perfect for homesteads and smaller farms with one or two animals with one or two cows goats or sheep

Machine Milking

For those who have a cow, perhaps a couple of goats or sheep, the idea of purchasing milking machines may seem at first big investment for a seemingly small amount of work. However, there are many advantages when it comes to using machines.

Thanks to the vacuum pump which fits tightly around the teat where there is no dirt debris or manures that finds its way into that milk. All we need to do is quickly clean the teat before starting and we will have to clean milk as a result.

Once the machine is attached the surging milk ensures that we get more milk in less time while the animal remains comfortable.

This has been proved useful for those who have trouble using their hands.

Manufacturing of dairy products has been quite easy with the help of these Dairy equipment.