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Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India, Khoya Machine, Ghee Plant

In India, dairy is a huge industry. India has been a leading producer of milk and milk-based products since the late nineties. The growth rate in this industry is also consistent. You can run a successful dairy business with the right equipment and tools.

You can buy the various dairy tools from the best Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India. Various companies offer all kinds of farm products needed to run a successful dairy farm. 

The machinery required at the dairy farm depends on the level of mechanization and the size of the dairy farm desired by the owner. But basic dairy farm equipment, like chaff cutters, milking machines, etc., are always required. 

The cost of starting a dairy farm depends on the following factors:

  • The capacity of the plant
  • Product mix
  • Location
  • Facilities at the site
  • Level of automation
  • Make of machinery
  • System of Milk procurement

Dairy processing machinery

Dairy processing machinery is an umbrella term that refers to various equipment used to turn milk and other dairy products into a variety of finished goods:

Khoya Mawa Making Machine-

Khoya Mawa Making Machine used to make fresh khoya mawa from fresh milk. Khoya has a huge market both in and outside India. It is used in making sweets, gajar ka halwa, ghewar and many more sweet delicacies. A Khoya machine can process almost thirty kg of milk at a time.

Cream Separator-

Cream Separator is used to separate cream from whole milk. Most separators are computer controlled, and they can remove the required amount of cream from the milk.

Butter Churner-

Butter is one the mostly purchased milk based products. Butter Churner machine makes butter from milk cream collected from the milk. A rotating device is inserted in the churn, and the cream is churned to produce butter.

Paneer Cutting Machine-

This is a device used to cut large paneer blocks into smaller pieces of varying weights like 250g, 200 gms etc. 

Ghee-making machine-

This machine is used to produce ghee from fresh milk. Ghee Plant can produce hundreds of kgs of ghee in a single day.

Paneer Press-

when a large amount of milk is turned into paneer. They still have large water content in them. The paneer press machine presses the paneer to give it a brick-like shape to the paneer and tofu. 

Curd-making machine-

A curd-making machine is used to make curd from milk. This machine is hooked to various devices. It can automatically control temperature and timer and also a fan for air circulation.

Bulk Milk Cooler-

This device is used to cool large batches of milk at controlled temperature and pressure conditions. 

Milk Cooling Tanks-

These tanks are used to cool large batches of milk at a controlled temperature and keep it in a cold temperature until it is picked by the milk hauler.   

Milk Analyzer-

A milk analyzer is a device used to make quick analyses of milk for various features like fat content, SNF content, pH, temperature, freezing point, salt content, etc.


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