curd making machine

Curd Making Machines” improving quality to 100% nutrient benefit

Curd is one of the widest dishes served along with meals in India. There is no home you will visit in India and never be served with curd as a supplement to the food. Curd can also act as soup to make who may not afford vegetables commonly known as “Sabji” in India.

However, the quality of the curd consumed by a majority of Indians is poor and so much deficient in nutrients. Curd is one of the most important dairy products recommended by doctors depending on the medical problem of a patient. Recently, the Defense Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) invented a new curd making machine by Dr. A Ramakrishna. Though the machine was specifically invented to improve the food standards among the army forces, the same machine can be used in other commercial sectors and also for domestic purposes.

The newly invented machine will provide high quality curd in the shortest time possible and even more in quantity. The machine which is movable and absolutely if a light weight, provides curd with required acidity and a good thickness. This trend is being carried on by NK Dairy Equipment, the manufacturers and suppliers of standard dairy equipment for commercial and domestic use. The NK curd making machine is the so far the greatest invention that is improving the quality of curd eaten by Indians.

The machines are in different capacities with standard specifications to help you make the best curd. The curd making machine (LTR) is designed from the best alloy/aluminum material completely attractive and aesthetically sophisticated.

NK also goes ahead to provide an industrial curd making machine with a high level performance. The machines are absolutely durable and maintaining a high consistency in performance. The machines have an inbuilt automatic temperature controller with an even distribution of heat during the process. The machines will also help you maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings

Due to the high performance of the Dahi making machine, there will be a systematic supply as well as observing the quality of the curd distributed. Indians will enjoy more nutrients from the curd as opposed to the traditional way of making the curd which is time-consuming and eliminates the necessary nutrients.

As curd is widely used for different purposes, there will also be a reduction in the malnutrition that many face, especially in villages due to low nutrient dishes. The curd or the dahi making machine can be attained at an affordable rate for hotels, homes, restaurants, and milk plants. NK dairy equipment can be trusted for standard and durable curd making machines as well as any type of dairy machine that one is in need of.

We absolutely aim at improving the standards of the milk sector by providing machines to reduce wastage, preserve the nutrients, improve the hygiene of the milk and increase productivity. Our machines can be acquired for any purposes one desires, so contact us for further information