Stainless Steel Container

Why Should You Store Your Food in a Stainless Steel Container

Storage of food is a major priority of a household. It is also a significant concern in the dairy and food processing industries. Stainless steel containers and utensils are the most commonly used objects, both on a domestic and commercial level. People often buy these containers and utensils from the Best Steel Distributor Company . These companies offer the best quality utensils and containers which don’t let the food get spoiled. 

With the world’s growing levels of food standards, many steel producers are updating their production methods to get much better quality steel. 

Many distributors of High Speed Steel are looking for new strategies to ensure a better quality of steel. Food storage and food production are the major sectors where they can do well in terms of sales. Hence they need to upgrade themselves constantly to ensure the best quality of steel for food storage.

Our country recorded production of nearly 186 million tonnes of milk in 2018. This level is expected to rise in 2024-25 by approximately 240 million tonnes. 

We are also in second place in the production of rice, wheat, and some other vegetables. As per the reports of Indian food processing ministry, the food processing sector is increasing rapidly since the last five years at an average annual rate of 8.4%.

As mentioned earlier, food quality standards have been increasing due to the demand for safe and healthy food since the outbreak of Covid-19. It has also proved beneficial for steel manufacturers in terms of stainless steel. It has proven safe and suitable for the Indian dairy and food industries.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel has 10.55 % of chromium. 
  • It creates a protective film to protect its surface in the presence of oxygen. This film makes it corrosion-resistant and inert to nature.
  • Stainless steel is more hygienic and corrosion-resistant than aluminum products.
  • It can withstand localized chloride attacks from the food components and cleaning agents used by the food industry.
  • Stainless steel has fewer chances of dents, rust, scrapes, nicks, etc.
  • You can easily clean stainless steel with the help of cleaning agents. 

If you have seen your milkman bringing milk to your homes in a canister, it is possibly made of stainless steel. They would avoid the poor quality of tanks to prevent bacteria formation in the milk. Poor quality of tanks would also cause various diseases through the milk. 

This is why the food processing industry uses stainless steel containers to store ingredients. These foods and their ingredients tend to last long without any damage or bacteria formation in these containers. 

CODEX(associated with WHO) and Food Safety Standards Authority of India, and other authorities recommend stainless steel for food storage. 

The government is imposing strict norms on the food processing industry. It has made stainless steel an essential element of this industry.Hence, stainless steel is the best option to store food currently.

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