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Best Tips to Clean Dairy Equipments

The annual milk production in India is around 60.6 billion kilograms. India is the second-largest dairy producer in the world. It exports milk products to its neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Afghanistan. One of the most important things is to make sure all the dairy equipment is clean. Read the topic to know the top tips.

Dairy owners have to make sure every step in the dairy plant is done properly. The technology has made the machines and equipment top-notch which makes the entire working process easier. To have the maximum output it becomes essential to keep up with the services and maintenance. With regular maintenance, the build-up of dirt and dust will be prevented and dairy machinery will work effectively. Given below are the topmost tips shared by our dairy equipment manufacturers to clean the dairy machines & equipment:

  • Cleaning the Machinery

The foremost step is to clean the dairy equipment which includes rinsing the machines with lukewarm water. Before you start cleaning, make sure the residual exits from the system. Dairy equipment will have a layer of remaining milk solids or soil which contain organic as well as inorganic leftovers. This will serve as a ground for the micro-organisms and it will affect the dairy products.

Moreover, the soil will affect the cleaning flow and sanitizing solution will not flow through easily. The dairy equipment needs to be rinsed at 100 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit to remove the milk solids. Never re-circulate the water while cleaning the machines. Before you move ahead, discharge the water used in the first go. Do this process, until the water exits from the outlet pipes.

  • Wash it properly

After the rinsing is done, you need alkaline detergent. This is used to remove the residual butterfat present in the system to break the small droplets. The pH cleanser will range from 11 to 13 to get the desired results. For cleaning, keep the temperature between 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, the protein will break into small droplets, and then it is mixed with detergent water. Do this for around 10 minutes and then the temperature should not go down below 120 degree Fahrenheit. Once the washing is done, rinse the entire system with acidified water for around 5 minutes and the pH value should be between 3 and 5.

  • Sanitization

The last step is sanitization to clean the dairy equipment. You need to use chlorine-based sanitizers for this method. This will kill the germs present within the system. Once you are done you need to mix sanitizer along with water and run the entire system for around 5 minutes.

Make sure, once this step is done do not put any external solution in it, other than the milk. Different steps are included in cleaning the dairy equipment and machinery. By doing so, it will maintain the hygiene factor.

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